1. Spend time before the praise/prayer assembly in loving communion with God. Unite your spirit with His. Anchor yourself in His Love.

2. Prepare yourself in prayer and scripture reading. Familiarize yourself with the songs and the flow of the program.

3. Foster an atmosphere of joy. Be joyful yourself.

4. Focus on God. Ask Him to send his angels to surround the venue and prevent distractions.

5. Emphasize praise and thanksgiving.

6. Encourage use of word gifts.

7. Be a thermometer, able to gauge moods and emotions of the group.

8. Be conscious of what is happening so you can responsively guide the group.

9. Cling and yield to the Spirit. Be open to the working of the Holy Spirit in you and in the group. Leave room and time for the Holy Spirit to make His presence felt by every participant.

10. Keep the flow smooth. Do not force or jump abruptly from one part to another.

11. Don’t dominate the prayers. You are there to lead and guide, not to be the “bida”.

12. There is no fixed formula to follow; however, ACTS forms a good praise foundation.

13. Use these tools and encourage their use by others as the Spirit leads – but not all of them during the same prayer meeting or assembly: exhortation, personal and responsive prayers, word gifts of prophecy and tongues, reflective silence, inspired readings, joyful and spontaneous praising, vocal prayers, inspired words from the Lord, contemplative silence, prayers of visualization, body prayers.

14. Songs should be appropriate for the purpose and mood of each part of the worship assembly. The Music Ministry should be prepared for song substitution if the worship flow so directs a change of songs.

15. Coordinate closely beforehand and during the worship period with the Music Ministry leader to insure continuity and flow in such a way as to promote group harmony and unity.

16. Don’t be afraid to have periods of silence; these can be times of deeper personal reflection and listening to the Spirit.

17. Always have a Team (worship service team and music ministry) prayer before the assembly begins. Then after closing the assembly, hold a brief evaluation meeting with the Team and thank God in prayer for His Presence during the assembly.

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