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By Boy Villanueva, BCBP Cebu

In the book “Spiritual Leadership” by J Oswald Sanders, it says and 1 quote, “if we are to carry our trust and service as leaders we have to devote our time to training others to succeed and perhaps even supersede us.”

As I reflect on these words, I came to realize that as leaders in our community, it is our responsibility to look out for prospective leaders and train them to be even more successful in service than we are.

leaderI still could not forget the exact words coming from my first action group leader when he knew that I would be appointed as chapter head in our chapter. His said, “You know I am very proud that one of my former members will be assigned to a higher position in the community, for I was partly responsible in training him to be a good leader.”

Today, I am facing a challenge in training and looking for good leaders for the newly created chapters in Cebu Region. I know I will be facing a gigantic task in discerning leaders who will not only lead their members in their spiritual growth, but even more in looking for leaders who will be able to spread the word of Christ in the Marketplace and fulfill our mission and vision.
Creating a new chapter from an existing chapter is not as easy or simple as we thought. It needs a lot of prayer for we know that there will be resistance not only from the members of the existing chapter but, likewise, from its leaders.

But, we have to grow not only in numbers but also in our work to fulfill our mission and vision. In order to do this, we have to utilize the talents and resources that we have in the chapter; and we cannot do this if we have a limited area of service in a chapter and with a limited leadership structure. We have to venture into another area of responsibility with another set of leaders whom, we believe, have the talents and re-sources not only to lead but also to make a difference in the marketplace.

Fourteen (14) years ago, Cebu and Mactan Chapters decided to spread its evangelization by creating two new chapters from the existing two chapters. I was one of those who questioned the wisdom of the plan. Where will we get leaders for the new chapters when most of the fully active members are new to the community? John IL Mott said and believed that leaders must multiply themselves by developing younger leaders, giving them full play and adequate outlet for their abilities.

As I have said fourteen years ago we started with just four (4) chapters, look at us now. We are now eight (8) active chapters and one of the best regions in the whole BCBP. We have now three (3) active outreaches, which we hope to become chapters by next year, not to mention the two (2) satellite Breakfast venues.

Leaders? We have very good leadership materials in all our chapters and even in our outreaches; for the Lord have said in Matthew 16 “Just come to Me with what you have — and I’ll fill in what is lacking.”


Source: Kaigusonan – August 2014 Issue

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