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Put Some Action Back Into Your Action Group This Summer

ACTION SUMMERSummer is fast approaching. Does your Action Group need a booster shot? A small group escapade may be the answer. Of course, the best thing to do would be to go as a group to Subic Bay in April for the 38th National Annual Convention. But if you can do one more, try a weekend get-together somewhere else.

Some elders in the BCBP have experienced spending their Holy Week weekend camping out on an island far from civilization — no electricity, no tap water, no fans or aircon, but plenty of sea, sandy beaches, shady trees, fresh fish, fresh air and open spaces.

They enjoyed Scripture sharing and prayers by candlelight, beachcombing, swimming, doing the Station of the Cross from coconut tree to coconut tree, evening sing-alongs around a bonfire by the beach, chasing lizards, watching the sun rise and set over the sea, and eating.

They confess that the experience made them feel closer to nature — and closer to God.

“It was an experience to remember as we gained insights into who we are as families and renewed our appreciation of our unique friendships,” said Sis. Nancy Catan in an article she wrote in the Kapatiran magazine years ago.

Sis. Nancy offered the following advice to Action Groups wanting to have an action-packed closer-to-nature Action Group Meeting this summer:

1. Know What You Like or Dislike — Sis. Nancy said it would be best to know first what the members of the Action Group like or dislike before deciding on the destination that everybody is willing to try. It is always best to choose a place that offers a variety of facilities and activities.

2. Keep Your Plans Simple — Avoid the tendency of complicating things. Have some activities planned out, but allow plenty of time for doing nothing and just hanging out together as families and individuals. “Don’t forget to plan for both good and bad weather,” Sis Nancy warned.

3. Get Organized — Sis. Nancy advises that activities can be assigned to different families or group. For example, the young ones can be assigned to a certain task. Even the meals can be assigned. Schedules can be drawn up but Sis. Nancy advises that allowances should be made for on-the-spot improvisations. “Make it fun. Don’t overburden yourselves with responsibilities,” she said.

4. Select A Theme For The Day — You can have a theme for your morning prayers, for your activities during the day, and your Bible sharings in the evening. This would make the experience more memorable.

5. Celebrate the Lord’s Day — It would be totally refreshing to experiencing holding a Lord’s Day celebration under a tree with a canopy of stars lighting your gathering. This would be a really special way of worshiping God.

Finally, 6. The Blessing Game — Sis. Nancy offers an idea of playing the “Spin The Bottle” game, but instead of a consequence, the one whom the bottle points to would share a blessing he or she received during the weekend. This would surely make everybody share the happiness that person felt.


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