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butch pilapil2By Bro. Butch Pilapil, BCBP Mandaue West
Mini Sharing during NAC 37, Cagayan de Oro City

Good evening brothers and sisters of the BCBP!

In 1993, we moved to Cebu from Manila to help manage the family restaurant business. We were faced with two glaring issues that were slowly strangling the business to extinction:

1. Ballooning debt problem due to insufficiencies in internal financial controls.
2. Under-development of the potentials of the business to grow & expand its network of branches.

Developments in the family business led to our assuming the reins of managing it and allowed us to transform it according to the values we’ve learned in the BCBP.
Financial issues were addressed by putting adequate internal financial controls and by doing tedious and humbling renegotiations with the company’s creditors. We applied what we learned in the BCBP, which is giving importance to putting our house in order. Managing the company’s debts was given priority. By God’s grace, the company is now debt free and is slowly expanding through internally generated funding.

The other issue of realizing the fulButch Pilapill potential of the business was addressed when we were led to pursue the concept of franchising. However, in choosing our potential business partners, the vetting process we employ has 3 essentials: financial capability, business management background, and most importantly, Christian values of the investor. In particular, we stipulate in the Franchise contract,compliance with tax obligations to the government.

We also make sure the wages paid to the employees are in accordance with labor laws and industry standards. To emphasize this point, we stipulate in the Franchise contract that any labor law violation constitutes a material breach of contract which, in turn, could lead to the cancellation of the business franchise.

We exert efforts to improve the working conditions in our stores by introducing systems and equipment designed to increase not only workflow efficiency but also workers’ safety and comfort.

We likewise take efforts to inculcate a spiritual dimension to our employees by instituting the practice of starting and ending their workday with a prayer.

In closing, allow me to reiterate and say it again. The BCBP has been a great source of inspiration and blessedness for me and my wife and for the business that has been entrusted to us.

Happy anniversary! God bless the BCBP!


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