A: The Vision and Mission of the BCBP gives the criteria for membership. Thus, in general, any businessman or professional, who is self-employed with some influence in the marketplace, or employed at decision-making level, whether married or single, can become a member of the BCBP. If a married man decides to become a member, his wife will be invited to join him in entering the BCBP.

The BCBP is a community of people who live the life of Christ. No one can truly contribute to our life without being a renewed Christian who lives his baptismal commitments in the power of the Holy Spirit as a disciple. Nor can anyone contribute to our life without living the Christian life with the brothers and sisters in our Chapters the way we live it together. This includes accepting and living the corporate life of the BCBP community, i.e. being in good order in the community and living out the BCBP Way of Life as outlined in the Commitment Card. All prospective members shall undergo the Basic Formation Program to understand and be able to accept the BCBP’s life and mission.

Those who are brought into the community must leave a life which involves serious sin and enter into a life of following Christ in the BCBP before they can be fully received as part of the BCBP community and fully responsible members of it. Some obstacles to membership include having serious addictions or serious psychological problems, being a member of an organization not in good standing with the Catholic Church, not willing or being unable to devote his time and resources necessary for the BCBP Way of Life.

The BCBP is open to receive Protestant brothers and sisters who wish to serve Jesus together with us in bringing him into the marketplace and to the professions. For this to be possible, the Protestant brother and sister need to be comfortable joining a Catholic group. There must be no proselytizing in the BCBP one way or the other. Source: BCBP Community Manual 2009, pp 4,5.

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NOEL LAMMATAO December 5, 2011 - 10:20 pm

im Noel a former BCBP (BCLP no.31) Greenhills La Salle and Quezon City chapter(2004), working and permanent resident here in Singapore. where or whos the contact person here in Singapore that i can join again. is it possible for me to join again?


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