by BCBP Editor

As we meet in our Action Groups for the study of God’s Word, we need to ensure that our discussions, regardless of method used, progress beyond the vague, abstract, or academic. Discussions and sharings should explore the implications that the biblical passages have for everyday living.

Here are some questions that encourage changed lives. Use one or more of them for a deeper understanding and application of your favorite bible passages.

1. What issues does this passage raise that are still issues today?
2. How do these verses challenge our contemporary values or lifestyle?
3. How would you compare the teaching in these verses with the way you are now living?
4. What changes do you believe you need to make in response to this passage? How will you begin to tackle these changes?
5. How do these verses challenge the way you’ve been viewing God? Yourself? The unsaved? Fellow believers?
6. What do you believe God wants you to do this week as a result of this study?
7. What insights do these verses give you about your relationships with your self, with your spouse and family, with your AG members, with God?
8. How did you feel when you read this passage: happy, sad, anxious, disturbed, peaceful … ? Why? What do your emotional reactions to this passage tell you about yourself?

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german m. Balot January 11, 2012 - 4:20 am

thanks for these guides, tools to disturb members and hopefully once in that emotional state start to question the status quo and find ways to change self and in the process becomes an agent of change, for it is said that we shld first see in ourselves the change that we shld like to see in other people.

Marie Jo Roa September 28, 2011 - 8:32 pm

thank you very much for this AG “tip”. I will share with the rest of the AG.God bless BCBP!


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