I am sharing with you a short response written by Sis Grace Carluen of BCBP SoCal about when Bert and I visited BCBP SoCal. It is mostly about how we were able to touch her in our breakfast sharing in Van Nuys (a SoCal Breakfast Venue) last year – 23rd October, 2011, to be exact.

Bert and I found our SoCal brothers and sister were so accommodating. They were so warm, that once the door of the function room of Denny’s Restaurant was closed, I instantly felt like I was in the Philippines. Everything they do in breakfast was so much the same as how we do it here – the music was superb, the crowd vibrant, the members welcoming, there were first-timers – except that the food was American size (that’s the only difference I think).

I really do hope that members who are planning to visit Southern California will really try to attend BCBP SoCal Breakfast. Better yet, do their life-sharing as members there are really thirsting for sharers from back home. Loids Masiclat, BCBP Lipa

By Sis Grace Carluen,BCBP SoCal

BCBP SoCal rode the dream plane a couple of months ago at Van Nuys, here in LA. And while we were floating in the heavens, our pilot jolted us back to reality with a little disturbance in the air.

BCBP SoCal’s previous flight, started with a God-given turbulence. Being in a foreign country and whose weather is very unfamiliar to us, there was a lot of anxiety and fear of the unknown. Many members are from the different groups all over the Philippines, and most of them were the shepherds of the flock already – very ready to plant the seeds and eliminate the weeds.

On that date though, God’s fighter pilot, in the person of Bert Masiclat (then RCD So Tagalog II; now NSC-PSD), and his pretty wife Loids, came to share his flight with the Lord. SoCal members made reservations, bursting with excitement to join the trip. An announcement of the plane’s arrival was done by PSD Head Polet Tiano. So that BCBP flight 102311 was indeed fully booked!

We had a very smooth flight with Captain Bert on the cockpit, announcing his arrival into this world on a special day, about 50+ years ago. The ride with his life was very enlightening-with some bumps and unavoidable turbulences. Mostly though, with these occurrences, was the partnership with the direction of smooth winds, the standard temperament of the air pressure and the regularity of the air temperature. In the life that he rode in, and proclaimed, there were a lot of challenges and trials along the way, but there was always the presence of the sunshine’s rays beneath and above the clouds. And in the darkest moments of his life’s flight, God maneuvered his instrumentations, and Bert flew with Him-underneath His angels’ wings.

Loids was always with him, the loyal stewardess-angel by his side. She experienced imbalanced moments of their lives, lots of financial provisions, but she lacked Bert’s presence. Yet she did not succumb to the turbulence. She was steadfast and strong. She was determined to make and stay in the life’s flight with him, secure and safe in God’s wings. She emerged a winner! BCBP made it possible!

The maiden flight had long been made, and many more are to be launched. Bert and Loids have both proven that BCBP was the primary wheel in the cockpit’s controls. God is the captain, and we are the co-pilots. It is all up to us to have that smooth and excellent, safe and secure flight to the heavens. God will surely be waiting for us in the Paradise’s tarmac. Wouldn’t that be immensely wonderful?

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Bro. Joe Coruna August 9, 2012 - 8:50 pm

This write up has been published for quite sometime, but it is only now that was able to browse over it in toto.The style of writing is very good but the meat of it is the sweetest of all-God as the pilot and brod bert, a real and license pilot is relegated as a co-pilot.

Nice to see in the picture brod dito and sis tata but i want to know if sis liz and brod rusty cabilin were there.And also dodong Racaza


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