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John 14:15-31; John 15:1-7holiness pursuing

1. The scripture passages John 14:15-31 and John 15:1-7 are very familiar ones to most of us. The gospel writer presents the basic essential needs for Christian workers and describes the relationship between Christ and the Apostles. What is Jesus telling you about His relationship with you?

2. These passages also provide us a list of ten signs of holiness that Jesus teaches are necessary in the lives of his followers. These signs of holiness are:

a. Keeps the commandments
b. Enjoys the presence of the Holy Spirit in his/her life
c. Loves God the Father and Jesus Christ
d. Is not troubled or afraid, has God’s peace
e. Depends on Jesus (“remain in Me..”)
f. Accepts and benefits from God’s discipline (pruning)
g. Bears much fruit
h. Prayers are answered
i. Is full of joy
j. Loves his/her neighbors as Jesus loves us.

3. Of the signs of holiness listed, which do you feel are the most important? What points do you find common to all holy people? Which ones do you believe should be imitated and manifested by the BCBP as a community of brothers and sisters?

4. How important is holiness to you? Do you desire holiness strongly enough so that you actively look for ways to improve yourself and your spiritual life? If yes, what are these ways?

5. Make a personal resolution of something that you should improve in your life so that you can become more holy, and write down the steps you will take to make this resolution a reality. Share this with a member of your action group who agrees to act as your witness (he/she agrees to check on your progress…).

6. Do you believe that it is possible for you to help someone else in his/her search for holiness? Why, or why not? If yes, what kind of help would you be able and willing to give?

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