The season of Christmas is one of anticipation, excitement, joy, and family togetherness. Throughout the BCBP, chapters and outreaches are celebrating the Christmas season in a variety of ways, from gift-giving to those who have less in life, to festive parties among members and their families. As a sample we give you an account of our BCBP family in SoCal, Southern California chapter as they celebrated both Christmas and their 2nd year as a BCBP chapter, the first overseas chapter of the Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals.

BCBP Southern California (SoCal) held its Christmas party on Dec. 10, 2011 at Azon Restaurant, Cerritos, California, U.S.A. Packed with 130 old and new BCBP SoCal members with their broods, plus some special guests, the place rocked with festive energy from start to finish.

Simply put, our time together was richly blessed. After a hearty meal, the program kicked off with raffle draws, followed by an array of group presentations. There was dancing galore prior to the awarding of prizes to group performers and raffle winners. Overall, we made a harvest of joyful and hilarious moments.

The community, after having reached its 2nd year as a BCBP chapter, took stock of its growing membership, its past Christmas party experience and boldly raised the bar of fulfillment to another level. And, true to its Christmas party theme “2-gether we glorify Christ”, the result was simply glorious. Praise be to God who makes it all possible.

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