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Roberto M. So September 17, 2016 - 10:57 pm

good day brothers…

last year (2015), our PSD then initiated a project to revive our chapter’s newsletter (if my memory serves me right, the name of the newsletter was “Bag-iw”), and it ran several issues (february to april). the editor requested the members to contribute/submit articles for the news letter.
i did an article for the May issue entitled “you are my witness..”, i submitted it through email as instructed. but, it never saw print…. because of the resignation of the incumbent PSD, the newsletter was again doomed to hybernation. my soft copy went down the drain when i lost my usb and my only hard copy of that article went to ashes when our house burned down last May of this year.
last monday i was going about my email inbox deleting old messages when i came upon my letter to the then PSD to submit my article which was still there as an attachment. then i told myself that i should find a venue for my article before it gets lost in oblivion without being read. that is why i was hoping that it could be archived here in kapatiran for whatever it’s worth.
now i can’t send my article here because i do not know how contributions are submitted here…. i kept clicking the “submit contributions” window on this page but nothing is happening… what is the “contact form 2”? where can i avail of this form?
thanks po. God bless


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