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Here are some success tips for those of you who are already in business or planning to be entrepreneurs. This advice comes from successful women entrepreneurs who shared during this year’s Women Entrepreneurship Summit.

A woman’s formula for success as an entrepreneur in business is SUCCESS = D + SC + C + R says Maritel Nievera, president of the Cabalen Group of Restaurants, 2012 Go Negosyo Woman Entrepreneur. She shared this formula during this year’s Women Entrepreneurship Summit, an annual event of Joey Concepcion’s Go Negosyo advocacy.

Maritel explains her formula: 1) DETERMINATION: she should be one who will never give up no matter what the odds are; 2) STRENGTH OF CHARACTER: she should be one who cannot be swayed by anyone or any circumstances after a decision is made; 3) CHARM: she should be one who knows how to use her charm to her full advantage; and, 4) RESOURCEFULNESS: she should be one who has the ability to transform something out of nothing.

Putlih Kumalah Sug Elardo, founder of Sulu Royal Coffee and a 2012 Go Negosyo Woman Social Entrepreneur awardee, credits her success to being guided by the words: what, why, who, when, where and how. After getting satisfactory answers to these “W”s and “H”, she then sets her vision and focuses unwaveringly on her goal.

Penk Ching, owner of The Pastry Bin, a 2012 Go Negosyo Woman Starpreneur, puts it this way. She says, “A lot of factors are involved: 1) PASSION is the driving force that would compel you to go the extra mile for others. Passion doesn’t know how to complain; it only makes you work with enthusiasm; 2) the RIGHT ATTITUDE makes one feel very positive in everything she does. One can turn a big problem into a smaller one and eventually solve it with a big smile. 3) CONNECTIONS: treat every person well. He or she may be your benefactor in the future. Keep friendships intact. 4) KNOWING YOUR LIMITS and where you stand makes it easier to accept how far you can go with your strategy; and 5) PLANNING is planting; it gives you a clear direction of where you stand and where you will be heading.”

Joey Concepcion in his PhilStar column entitled “Wonder Women” (Thursday, March 8, 2012, p B-4) honors these women entrepreneurs and sums it all up by saying that it is always a treat to learn from those with experience. “These are distilled learnings that one should value, and more importantly, apply in our lives. We can only plant the seeds, but the success of each one really depends on how one would use these learnings in moving forward and achieving their dreams.”

Source: The Philippine STAR Business section B-4, Thursday, March 8, 2012, “ASK GONEGOSYO” by Joey Concepcion. Concepcion can be contacted at:

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