John L. Garing
Chapter: Calapan Outreach
Message and Prayer Request:
Thanksgiving for our small house construction and prayers for
healing of Ricardo “Carding” Borebor who was confined in hospital for
heart problem, anemia and diabetes.

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Steve McGinnis May 1, 2011 - 4:05 am

For heart problem: take hawthorne berry or it’s extract. Anemia: sometimes anemia is a misdiagnosis for a deficiency in cobalt (comes from vitamin B-12), eating liver and organ meats will restore adequate cobalt levels, then retest for anemia after about a month. Kamote leaves are also a blood restorer. For diabetes: stay away from any rice and wheat, and cut back on sugar intake. Not all ‘sugar’ is the same : coco sugar has a lower glycemic index than cane. Eat more protein, fats,veggies,cut way back on carbohydrates.


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