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By Lino Genel, Chapter Head, BCBP Zamboanga

For the past 14 years I have been with the BCBP, I have always asked the Lord to teach me to live my life based on his love not on whether people accept me or not. When I committed myself to serve the Lord, it was without any condition, no matter what, even in times of financial difficulties, sickness and other afflictions, because I knew GOD would never abandon me, and He became my strength.

Daily masses and visiting the Blessed Sacrament are now part of my daily activities. Before the Blessed Sacrament, I talk with the LORD. This is where I get nourishment and the strength to cope with my daily struggles, especially my predicaments, my handicap after the brain surgery I had 4 years ago, and as a servant leader. I believe that our LORD is there to guide and protect me and my family.

My active involvement in the BCBP community has enriched my ardent passion to serve GOD in every possible way. Serving GOD is not easy because there are plenty of difficult times. But I am convinced that serving GOD is a top priority. In proverbs 3:6 it says “In everything you do, put GOD first and HE will direct you and crown your efforts with successes.” As Chapter Head, oftentimes anxieties and worries still bother me but I am confident of my trust in the LORD and lift them up to HIM. As in Peter 1:7, it says “Let HIM have all your worries and cares for He is always thinking about you and watching everything that concerns you.”

As I serve the BCBP community in several service areas, bountiful blessings from GOD keep on pouring upon me and my family. I have been able to travel with my wife to different places either attending the National Anniversaries, retreats, workshops and as sharers in the BCBP Breakfast Fellowships. Much more, my four (4) children are all now professionals in their own field of proficiency and are all employed. They have even gifted me with a brand new Sedan Car for my service. Thus, I consider all these experiences and achievements as blessings from GOD.

I must admit that when I was offered the position as Chapter Head of BCBP Zamboanga, I declined because I felt I was not qualified or worthy for such position. First, I had no time to serve, my time was controlled by the government being a government worker. Second, I was not financially stable. Third, I was not a good speaker, and fourth I had a handicap in my sense of hearing which I got during my brain surgery. Having various ailments and getting nervous when I am requested to talk in front of an audience like in the BCLP, BCMR, BCBR and Breakfast Sharing is another problem. I was even more nervous when I was given the task to ask questions of President Benigno Aquino face to face during the Grand BCBP Breakfast last October 2, 2013, at SMX Convention Center. All I can say now is “thank you LORD” for always being there whenever I am in such situations.

In every predicament such as these, I am always being led to this verse from Exodus 4:10-13 which says “Moses said to Yahweh, but my Lord, never have I been a fluent speaker either before or after you have spoken to me. I cannot find words to express what I want to say. Yahweh said to him, Who gave man a mouth? Who makes him dumb or deaf, with sight or blind? Is it not I, Yahweh? Go now, I will be your lips and will inspire what you say.”

Then I realize that it is not so much what I can do for GOD but what GOD can do through me. So “Here I am, Lord, to obey your command.”

In closing, I thank the Lord for giving me the BCBP community, through which I am able to know the Lord deeper and personally. A community where I can openly stand before a crowd and share others about GOD’s goodness and mercy. God Bless BCBP.

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Red Valencia April 30, 2014 - 7:27 am

Bro. God blesses us, and also blesses others with our selves. Rejoice in God service to his brotherhood already make you feel his strength. Though his blessing isn’t always financial as prosperity-Christianism advocates. Pope Francis says our ‘knowing God’ must still become ‘loving others.’ From your financial abundance then, perhaps, you’d soon be sharing your wealth to the really poor, also. God bless


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