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By Bro Manolet Barrera, BCBP Cagayan de Oro East

BARRERA, ManoletThis sharing is Part 2; Part 1 entitled “God Keeps My Feet On The Ground” was posted on this website in July.

In my Work, year-by-year, we are embarked on targets. This is the gauge of our performance … and recognition and/or promotion. Oftentimes, we do extra-miles to attain these Targets and most often these are translated to service and accommodations.

In the BCBP… I have learned to safeguard Honesty & Integrity in the Workplace. I would like to share with you how I have tried to live as a responsible Corporate Citizen and the resulting Workplace Victories.

Recalling those years during the Coup d’etat in the 90’s … EDSA 2 … I was offered a proposition from a powerful group of men to deposit substantial amounts in the bank which reflected large transactions which were payable and endorsed to various individuals. At that time, I was so tempted to accept the offer as the amounts involved would definitely answer my quota and for sure have a great impact on my performance, not to mention the bonus I was already dreaming of.

However, due to the “irregular nature” of the transactions…. I was led to decline the proposition and this resulted to my berating by the client. Perhaps, they couldn’t understand how I could say no to such an easy answer to my so-called number targets.

“Ponzi Scheme”…..

Another situation which tested my being a Be Honest witness, was when I received a call from a branch manager who was under my supervision. He told me that a certain client approached him for a deposit in our bank, the amount was equivalent to the Sales Target for the whole year. However, the volume of transaction did not seem proportionate to the history of the account…..and further due diligence showed certain extra-ordinary transactions within the area where the branch was located.

So I plainly asked the branch manager to use his better judgment and conscience as a corporate citizen…. hopefully to make a decision on the account.
Later, that day he called me to say that he decided to decline the said transaction. Thank God for his better judgment… it was later uncovered that indeed the transaction was made for a “ponzi” scheme….

In both experiences, the offers were quite tempting…. as during such times we were striving for our sales target….. and we were gunning to be no. 1….. first as a branch and later as the best regional area.

In both instances, as we upheld truth and integrity in our workplace…. the Truth prevailed…. “Veritas liberabit Vos”…..

In February this year, during our bank’s National Convention we were recognized to be the No. 1 region of our bank, nationwide!

However, I believe that as servants of the Lord, our “egos” are always preserved…..

When we got the Best Branch of the year award, this was announced two months after I moved on to a regional position. Hence, my replacement as Branch Head received the award. Later, when our region was awarded the Best Region of the bank in the year 2012, it was my counterpart who was recognized for the award as I had moved to another regional position two months prior to the announcement.

Thank God for keeping my feet on the ground. (See Part 1 of my sharing posted in July 2013.)

As Mother Teresa would say …. “Wash not the dishes because these are dirty or you are told to do so…. but because you love the person who will use it next…..” Although my wife would sometimes half-heartedly joke, can you also wash the dishes because you will use it next?

Balancing work, family and my personal endeavors has always been a welcome challenge to me. We are fortunate to have started our marriage early on with BCBP. All our children are born to the BCBP way of life. Towards the end of 2009, through the prodding of our eldest daughter Pia, we helped her gather teenagers (children of fellow BCBP members) and the TAG (Teen Action Group) was formed. From a small group of 5 they are now a growing number of about 20-30 members.

When TAG started, Mae and I were actively involved as their Manong and Manang. We encouraged them to meet at least twice a month, on Saturdays and we tried to arrange teachings and talks that they could listen to. Sometimes we had to deliver the talks ourselves or invite youth speakers. Their charism is music and although Mae and I cannot really play a musical instrument, we enjoyed jamming with the teens, (the secret to keeping young). Together with some dedicated parents, (fellow BCBP members) we helped them organize their own Christian Life Program, their Life in the Spirit Seminar. Observing their own experience with the Lord made us realize how big the Lord Jesus is and how He relates to every person whether young or old….

Little did I know, our involvement in this youth group was a preparation for the bigger task the Lord had in store for me.

By mid 2011, I was told that I would be appointed Chapter Head of BCBP CDO East. I did not have any second thoughts of accepting the appointment as I could never decline anything requested by the Lord.

And through God’s providence, immediately after I learned of my appointment as Chapter Head, I was also appointed in my work as Sales Head of the Mindanao Region. My area of responsibility has grown and now I am in charge of over 60 branches of the bank. As I rose in rank in my work, I always tOLD myself that I have only one true boss and He is Jesus Christ. Keeping this in mind makes me ascribe to do all things for the Greater Glory of God!

Barely a month before I was going to be installed as Chapter Head of BCBP CDO East, Super Typhoon Sendong struck Cagayan de Oro and Iligan cities. Seeing the aftermath of the catastrophe and the suffering it brought to the people in our surroundings made me question myself, question my service to the community to the point of questioning the relevance of BCBP amidst all this. I came to a Deep discernment within me and God answered my doubts…

I realized that as businessmen and professionals in our community, we must bring back the EXCELLENCE in Enterprise. At that moment, our responsibility for me as BCBP members became crystal clear and that was to go WIDER in our generosity towards our employees, our co-workers and even towards our government. Hence, you will always hear me espouse our role to bring Christ to the marketplace by simply being the best in our business, being the best in our professions, encouraging businessmen to release the 13th month pay of their employees within the prescribed time and if they can do more, give bonuses as well and to pay the right taxes. We are the Champions of Christ’s Enterprise!

Every Monday as I start my work week, I inscribe in my weekly calendar the initials “AMDG” Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam … this sets the goals for me, this powers my workload for the week as we are promised “Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God and everything else will be added unto you”.

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Jose coruna March 31, 2014 - 12:15 am

Brod Manolet,
Your sharing part 2 is truly marketplace evangelization. I pray that you have an AG while you are in makati . A greater service awaits you in the BCBP.

God bless


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