Last month, and each November of the year, the National Convention of the Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers of the Philippines (IIEE) is held. The IIEE is a government-accredited professional organization for electrical engineers and electricians all over the country with a membership composed of about 30,000 licensed electrical engineers and master electricians registered with the Professional Regulations Commission. I have been very active in this organization for many years and, in fact, was its National President in the year 2002.

Looking back, I was also then a new member of BCBP and on fire with bringing the Vision and Mission of the BCBP to the IIEE. As an officer of the IIEE, I tried my best to influence this marketplace (IIEE) with the things I learned in BCBP. Allow me to share my experiences in bringing Christ into this marketplace.

In IIEE I noticed that for every program, conventions, board meetings, we always started with the National Anthem followed by a prayer. Sometimes, in Board Meetings, we did not even pray at the start of a meeting.

So when I became the IIEE President, I issued an executive order that all programs, conventions, seminars, activities, etc., should start with a prayer, then to be followed by the National Anthem. Thus as the practice became a habit, prayer became part of the culture and tradition of the IIEE, one that persists up to now.

Every activity is now begun with a prayer. On special occasions, the Eucharistic celebration is a must before the occasion’s program begins. We are blessed to have Fr. Glen Paul Gomez, whom I knew already even before he became a celebrity priest of the Healing Eucharist, as our mass celebrator – he never says no each time we invite him to celebrate the Mass with us.

Likewise, during my term as National President, I gave instructions to all the staff to start their daily work with the gospel reading and prayer. Each employee takes turns in reading the daily gospel each and every working day. To date such practice is their daily habit.

When I attended the IIEE convention last November, I was so happy to see that the gathering of 3,000 delegates started our annual convention by joining in a prayer. I believe that this is the reason why IIEE continues to be strong and united as an organization – because of the power of prayer.

Not only that, as I fellowshipped with some of the IIEE members during the convention days, I noticed that some of them are calling me “Bro”. Hey, is it not that this is how we address each other in the BCBP? Yes, some of my professional colleagues are also members of BCBP in other chapters.

Wow, as I looked around and saw so many people during the convention, I dreamed that all of them would become members of BCBP.

Just imagine all of them as members of the BCBP… And changing the world that we live in… Hey, nothing is impossible to God!

For me, I will just keep on believing and helping others believe in the transforming power of prayer! After all, isn’t that one reason for the Advent and Christmas season – to remind us of the transforming power of prayer that can be ours in and through the Christ Child?

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atirone arbonida August 27, 2012 - 11:40 pm

pahingi palang ako,alam kong inaabot na sa akin ni jesus ang bagay na gusto ko…i hope i could pass the rme exam..praise god


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