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CaptureIn the lyrics of the song, I CAN, it says and I qoute

I can live, I can love
I can reach the heavens above
I can right what is wrong
I can sing just any song
I can dance, I can fly
And touch the rainbow in the sky
I can be your good friend
I can love, until the end

In the book Bonds of Anguish, Bonds of Love by Terry Warner it mentioned two contrasts of life, life for oneself alone and life for others. As Christians and servant of the Lord we have to ponder on these two contrasts of life because its with greater understanding of these two ways of life we can become the good stewards of the Lord.

In our service with the BCBP, how many times have we experienced hurts, frustrations and disappointments with the way things that’s been going on with our community and even with our own chapter. Because of these hurts and disappointment we became indifferent with the relationship we had with our brothers and sisters. We felt dry on our service and treated our service doing more for comliance than for the love of it. Chaim Potok claims that life that spent in the service of others is worthy of being called a truly human life and worthy of rest in God’s presence.

Yes, in our service, things will not always go our way, our desire, plans and goal might not be accepted by the community, but we must understand that the Lord has a purpose for it. In my 21 years with the community 18 years of which serving as a leader, I experienced so many frustrations and disappointments, but I learned that the Lord wanted me to go all through all of it so that it will make my faith more stronger. I did not waver in my service even if my suggestions, observations and proposal were not considered.

I fact, in the early stage of our membership with the community, we thought of taking a leave due to the tremendous hurts and difficulties we have experienced, yet we decided to serve and let God guide our lives.

At times, we question the Lord on why our prayers were not answered, but we cling to His promise which I hereby quote.

“My child I hear your prayers If I answer them, it’s because I’m increasing your faith If I delay them, It’s because I’m increasing your patience, endurance and perseverance. If I do not answer, wait… I have something better for you. “THE BEST IS ALWAYS FOR YOU.”

So brothers and sisters, whatever hurts we have experienced in the community, take time keep on serving tge Lord through our community, for it is the Way of Love and Service, for after all the Lord promises that the Best is Always for you.

To God be the Glory…..

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