Greetings of peace in the Risen Christ!  We have just completed the first module of theology lectures last night and we are ecstatic.  We want more!  Fr. Manoling Francisco S.J. (composer of Hindi Kita Malilimutan and other hits) amiably guided us through 4 power-packed lectures on “Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up”, a taste and see package of Christology, theology “For Adults Only”.  Turns out that we, turn-of-the-century Catholics from circa Vatican I to Vatican II have some adjusting to make as to the Cathechism we received in our young years.  Christology peels off a lot of these ‘perceptions’ and delivers a fresh and exciting picture of Jesus and Biblical times, what people believed then and the impact of Jesus’ Gospel to their world view.  Fr. Manoling, a highly respected theologian, masterfully guided us through the creation story, Jesus’ birth, his ministry, his crucifixion and his resurrection in a way that left all of us breathless with his brilliance.  What a privilege to have attended his lectures!  I wish more would attend!

Next week (every Tues 6:30-8:30pm at Ateneo Rockwell, 2nd flr, Seminar fee P2,000 only) a new series of lectures begins, “Ancient Scripture Text or God’s Living Word” by Fr. Miguel Lambino, S.J.  The Loyola School of Theology is providing its best line up of professors to conduct these series for lay people to empower us for the next millenium.  Let’s step forward for this opportunity.  —Ronnie Caballero, BCBP Makati (7-29-09)

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