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By Roger Moit, BCBP Legazpi
Mini Sharing during NAC37

I am Roger Moit from the Legazpi City Chapter, currently serving as the Regional Council Director of Southern Bicol.

moitIn the year 2000, I and my wife joined the Brotherhood Christian Life Program Batch 9 of Legazpi Chapter. On August 18, 2012, I was appointed to serve as Chapter Head of the BCBP Legazpi Chapter for calendar years 2013 –2015. After saying yes to the leadership task, I have seen how the hands of our loving God worked in my personal, business & family life. I was able to focus on my service as Chapter Head because our company, Philippine National Oil Company Energy Development Corporation, offered an Early Retirement Program which I availed of. I assured myself that our God will not abandon us specially since our 3 children were still in school.

From my retirement pay we were able to put up the Gerlan Transport business. From the start of the transport business, temptations abounded. During our application for the franchise of our van, the temptation of using bribes to expedite approval of our franchise from LTFRB was great but we instead waited and underwent the regular procedure in securing the franchise.

In a bidding for a transport contract, someone coached me to submit three bid quotations to assure that I win the bidding but our teaching on honest business dealings stopped me in doing it. Also, there was an instance during a negotiation when one of my clients requested me that the contract price to be reflected in the Official Receipt should be much higher than what we agreed upon. I refused because as a BCBP member we have to practice our core values and to be agents of change in the marketplace. My refusal meant no contract but I placed my trust in the Lord . He provided me other transport rental opportunities.

As a businessman,I have always prioritized and allocated from our income the funds for tithing. Whenever we have a new transport unit we always make it a point to first use it for BCBP activities. Running our business serves as a venue for fostering the BCBP’s core values and in promoting its advocacy on honesty. We encourage our drivers to be prayerful, respectful and honest. When valuable items are inadvertently left by our clients inside our van, they return them. During tours I take it as an opportunity to share the good news and evangelize to my clients.

I know and now proclaim that there is joy and peace in being an honest businessman as I practice what I have learned in the BCBP.

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