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Bernadette Joven, BCBP Calamba, has authored this interview of the newly installed Chapter Head of BCBP San Pablo, Vic Longno. It contains excerpts from the article “Very Important Chapterhead,” First Hermit (Official Newsletter of BCBP San Pablo), Vol. 3, No. 1, p.3.

Beginnings. It was Valentine’s Day of year 2003 when Vic Longno first set his foot in Coco Palace Hotel, San Pablo City, Laguna to attend a BCBP Breakfast. The initial intention was to renew ties with businessmen and professionals whom he had met throughout his career. Little did he know that he was in for a higher level of renewal, that is, renewal of his relationship with the Lord. Since then, he has become a changed man fully trusting in the Lord and His divine plan.

Personal and Family Profile. Vic has been in the banking industry for over three decades, as has his wife Marlyn. The eldest among his three sons, Marvin, works for a Taiwanese bank while John Bernard has just resigned from a local bank to pursue graduate studies. The youngest, Flynn Nico, has just graduated with a degree in management.

For quite some time now, Vic has assumed an oversight function among their bank’s branches spread across Cavite, Laguna, and Palawan enabling him to visit places, meet different kinds of people, and learn various cultures practically for free. Come to think of it, the experiences, challenges, and perks that come with the job could very well be the Lord’s way of preparing him for the greater task of being a BCBP Chapter Head.

Is San Pablo ready for chapterhood? Without any qualms, Vic answers a resounding YES! San Pablo has the resources and the numbers. The apparent growth of quality members, the community’s presence being felt more strongly in the local community, and the very zealous and supportive Governance Team are more than enough reasons for his positive stance. San Pablo is definitely ready to assume greater responsibilities and mission work. They just can’t wait to reach greater heights in evangelizing and winning the marketplace for Christ!

Chapter Head’s Message. “It is with great pride and honor to serve San Pablo as your first Chapter Head. Now that San Pablo Outreach has finally reached the pinnacle by becoming a chapter, I promise to do everything in my capacity to continue serving the Lord without any reservation, to ensure the continued growth and success of the community. I am therefore appealing to each and every one of you, now is the time to serve.” He also stressed that mediocrity simply has no place in each of us. If at all, we should grab every opportunity to serve God. But as we serve, we should do so with joy in our hearts.”

Vic reiterates his invitation to join and serve in the newest BCBP chapter, the San Pablo Chapter. “I want us to have fun as we go about our various activities. We need to continue to actively invite our business partners and friends to join and share their ideas and resources to serve and bring others closer to God. So let us continue the work we have begun in bringing Christ into the marketplace and winning the marketplace for Christ.”

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