Video Wreath Service

by BCBP admin

The video wreathe rental service is really something new and different which can be used for the following:
1. help make any wake cheerful with beautiful memories of the deceased.
2. show pre-nup shots of the couple at the cocktails area before the wedding banquet.

The fresh flower arrangement will be made on the venue. We can do the picture mtv for free or the client may opt to use a video they have made. The plug and play 32″ industrial lcd plays any mpeg video material on a looped basis and does not need any external video player like a dvd player or laptop. The video wreathe is a wonderful way to celebrate special moments or the life of a loved one or associate.

Contact Details:
Cell phone nos: 09209254235 and 09228254235
Address: 7 North Lawin Ave., Philam Homes, Quezon City

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