A Personal Testimony by Bro Jun Catan, BCBP Manila
Why this sharing? When Nancy, my wife, was in terrible pain just recently February 19, 2010, I remembered that her favorite Bible verse was Romans 8:28, and I asked the Lord to reveal to us what good could possibly come out of her suffering such pain. Together with our children, as a family, we gathered around her bed in the hospital to pray for her. I also asked them to pray and discern what good God could make out of her excruciating pain.

God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit guided me to offer Nancy’s pain for more holiness, that we as a couple, our family, our MAPECON people, our BCBP brothers and sisters, and our Filipino people become closer to God! I realize now that this prayer was actually based on my DREAM in 1984 of 1 Peter 2:9.

God guided the doctor for a perfect operation on her spine as one mistake could have meant that Nancy would suffer for the rest of her life. The good Lord shortened significantly Nancy’s period of terrible pain by upping her surgery from the initial schedule of Feb 26 to the earlier Feb 22. She was discharged from the hospital on Feb 26 to recuperate at home, all meds discontinued. We went to mass together in our parish a week later on March 8, and the next day she was able to attend the MAPECON’s Thanksgiving prayer meeting at our office.

God’s timing for this sharing is perfect. As the BCBP’s representative in the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting, PPCRV, I believe this is a most opportune time for us as a Community of God’s People to fervently pray for CHAMP, Clean, Honest, Acceptable, Meaningful and Peaceful Elections this coming May 10, just 16 days away. Our prayers can be instrumental in our nation’s important election’s success, and in proclaiming nation-wide the wonderful works of God, who will pick us up, the Filipino People, from the present darkness into His own marvelous light as He so clearly stated in 1 Peter 2:9.

It was in 1983 that I attended my first BCBP Breakfast at the Makati Sports Club. But after I dreamt of 1 Peter 2:9 early in 1984, I began attending the BCBP Alabang breakfast upon the invitation of the late VP of the Philippines Manny Pelaez. The first song sung in my first Alabang breakfast was “Once No People”, based on 1 Peter 2:9; it was then that I knew that the BCBP was where God wanted me to be. Nancy and I took the BCLP in 1985 at Metro Club in Makati, and we have never wavered since then in our fervent belief that God planted us in the Brotherhood and it is there where we have found ourselves growing closer and closer to Him. We have served Him in the BCBP in many positions including 3 years as Manila outreach head and 4 years as Manila Chapter Head. And we will continue to serve Him through the BCBP in whatever capacity the Lord points us to.

The Lord manifests His Presence in my life through my inventions. To date I have 39 patented products and processes with 9 more patents pending in the fields of pest control, agriculture, environment and alternate energy. Through these award-winning inventions God is enabling MAPECON to lead in the replacement of expensive, dangerous, imported chemical pesticides by safer, locally manufactured, environmentally-friendly pest control products, and to lead in several agricultural innovations in producing our own botanical organic fertilizers and MBA, MAPECON Bio Activated carbon products.

Recently the Lord has gifted me with the inspiration for developing the Green Charcoal Hydrogen process that consists of converting through enzymatic process all kinds of bio-waste materials into a solid fuel that in turn, when ignited releases high energy, clean Hydrogen gas fuel. This can replace LPG and other common fuels, thus saving our forests from being cut down for fuel wood while at the same time assuring a cleaner, noxious-gas-free atmosphere. The Green Charcoal technology has also produced our VermiXeriPonics technology enabling urban rooftop agriculture through a Prefab Organic Garden that has its own automatic irrigation system and does not need additional containers.

And God continues to encourage us to be even more fruitful, creative and honest workers through His miracles and blessings. He has now given us lands for expansion, in San Rafael, Bulacan, and through our joint venture MAPECON partners. “Those who have more will be given more” if we just follow God’s will in our life. Matt 25:29.

In response to God’s prophecy in 1 Peter 2:9 that we are His chosen people, I decided to make my company into a corporate church with Jesus Christ as our President, with Board Resolution duly filed at the SEC, and with creative, honest work as our work ethic. Our MAPECON is 100% the Lord’s, so every morning all MAPECON people throughout the country gather for reading, reflection, mini-sharing on the Bible readings for the day followed by a prayer thanking the Lord for his goodness and asking His blessings on us for the day. Only then do we begin the day’s work.

We reinvest back all our earnings to create more workers, to invest more in R & D, and to create new industries through joint ventures with committed and honest employees owning 49% of the branch/JV in their respective area. We are blessed that many of our managers/partners are active in the BCBP: Oca Ganaban, formerly RCD of NELuzon; Manny Rosales, CH of BCBP Batangas; Jolibert (Bong) Marcelino, BCBP Cavite, Cris Elpedes, BCBP San Pablo; with many others active in their respective chapters.

In Manila alone more than 40% of all our people have taken the BCLP; in fact we are a BCBP Marketplace Community. We hold weekly prayer meetings, our teachings are based on the BCBP formation tracks, and everyone participates in sharing about their life with the Lord. We have also instituted Sunday Missions wherein groups of employees visit an orphanage, home for the elderly, prisons, or depressed areas where they spray for dengue mosquito control, then hold a simple worship service and pray with the people there. Every prayer meeting ends with the MAPECON proclamation “My Almighty’s Plan to Exalt Christ Operates Now … by the power of the Holy Spirit!” and the singing of the MAPECON song, the BCBP song “Yours” based on 1 Chronicles 29:10-13.

The company has established a bank account called the Lord’s Account into which every month we deposit 10% of profit or 1% of gross revenue (whichever is larger). If an employee has an urgent emergency in his/her immediate family, the employees pass the hat; this amount is then matched by the funds of the META, MAPECON Employees Tithing Association; then the total is matched from the Lord’s Account.

Finally one great wonderful work that the Lord has done to me, our family, our company, the BCBP and to our country is unquestionably my wife, Nancy, for the last 47 years and, God willing, for many, many years to come! Thank you all for your kind prayers, care and concern for her healing so she was able to be with us to celebrate the BCBP’s 30th Anniversary in Davao, April 23-25. The Lord has blessed us so abundantly that we will never run out of things to share about!

As I end this sharing, I now declare that we are God’s Chosen People, a holy nation. Brothers and sisters, we are chosen to proclaim the wonderful acts of God, who has called us out of the darkness into His own marvelous light. As He continually challenges me to be his inventor, his entrepreneur, his creative, honest worker, I believe He is challenging each one of us here today to be His steward-leader through our life example as a Christian, as a BCBP member, to live and lead by example the true Love of God, Love for Country, and Love for Family and Community.

God is asking us to become more holy in all that we think, do, and say. This transformation to holiness must begin with each one of us, before we can expect transformation in the larger society. Let us all pray particularly that through the May 10 election our country may truly become a holy nation, that God will pick us up from the present darkness into His own marvelous light.

I pray that God will abundantly bless you so that you, too, will be inspired to share with others God’s wonderful work in your lives. All the glory I give back to God! Amen.

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