Scripture Selection: 1 Corinthians 12:12-31

Every brother and sister in the Brotherhood is an important part of this body and must be regarded as such. In Christ we are all equal. God has given each of us different talents, different business vocations, different ideas. And yet all of us have received the one and same Spirit during our baptism. We all have this Holy Spirit as our common denominator. Therefore, in theory we should be able to meet and run our affairs and render service for the Lord without being disturbed by pride, envy, anger, stubbornness, or serious dissension. We might ask ourselves: how strong is the work of the Spirit in me, in my action group, in my service team? Am I letting the Spirit work in me, or am I trying to do my own thing?

The Brotherhood is not judged by the quality of its leaders (although having good leaders is important) as much as it is judged by the love of its members for God and for each other. St. Paul teaches that “all members should be concerned for one another. If one member suffers, all the members suffer with it; if one member is honored, all the members share its joy.”

We are an organization with an evangelistic mission to bring Christ to the marketplace. We members are the ones going out to witness to our business associates and friends; the people on the street meet us. How do they look at us? How did the marketing officer who called on me yesterday at the office see me? Did he see Christ in me? Did Jesus’ love reflect from the way I spoke, the way I acted? If I had asked that person to attend a Brotherhood breakfast, would he have consented on the strength of my witness, or would he have replied, another time perhaps.

As members of the BCBP, we are part of the body of Christ. We are all of diverse backgrounds and interests, but in the selection of his disciples, Jesus has shown us that there can be unity in such diversity. God has also shown us the great unity that can be brought about through the action of the Spirit in the existence of the Holy Bible. So many different authors from penniless prophets to wealthy kings, from itinerant shepherds to professional soldiers, from a reformed tax collector to a tent maker – and yet the message is the same: God loves each one of us individually and as a body, His body!

Above all, we see that God is a god of order; he put order into the church by giving different gifts to each member. How dull this world would be if everyone had the same gifts and talents! I may like my gifts better, yet of what use would they be without your gifts? Without the gifts and talents of our brothers and sisters?

God instructs us that these gifts, this sense of order, this unity in diversity is nothing without being exercised in love. This is what our Brotherhood is all about. Love. The love of God for us. The love of God in us. The love of God through us for others in the marketplace. The Brotherhood, then, will grow in proportion to the love we have for God and for our neighbors, and how well we are able to share this love through our actions to our community and to the marketplace. –NRC

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