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knowing jesus christ
First, we must recognize that to really know Jesus Christ is a life-long task and the responsibility of every Christian. This is the experience of all who believe in Him. Secondly, knowing Jesus is a living, changing, growing and deepening experience. It is not like knowing some fact of information, or knowing how to do something, some skill. Rather, knowing Jesus means entering into a personal intimate relationship with Him. And this relationship, this “knowing”, animates and liberates us in a way like no other relationship could possibly do.

To know Jesus means being committed to following him, being his disciple. This means that we need to be familiar with his teaching, his way of life, the meaning of his life and death and resurrection. Therefore, it is important to know the historical life and work of Jesus through constant contact with the Gospels, in order to know in faith that “Jesus Christ is Lord” (Phil. 2:11). We come to know who Jesus is from what he did, his salvific mission that sets us free. Not only from what He did, but we also come to know him through what He continues to do today in our personal lives and in the Body of Christ, the Church.

Source: Catechism for Filipino Catholics, Chapter 10: #464-544.

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