What Type of Mother Are You?

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By Sis. Nancy R. Catan, BCBP Manila Chapter

Who celebrated your first footsteps? Who marveled at your little fingers curling around her finger? Who laughed when she saw your dirty fingerprints climbing up the walls? Your mother, of course!

We recently marked Mothers Day, a special occasion celebrated in at least 46 countries on different dates. This is the day when we have the opportunity to celebrate the silent efforts of all the mothers out there, not just our own mothers, but all those women who have made our life a celebration.

The word “mother” has become synonymous to love and care. But the phenomenon of being a mother is much more than that. There are step-mothers, mother-in-laws, mothers-to-be and various other forms of motherly figures. I believe all women are mothers-at-heart.

The world is full of various types of mothers. I came across an interesting article discussing three types of mothers and I’d like to share parts of it with you.

The first type is a Guardian mother. A guardian mother may or may not be your biological mother but she will love you more than your real mother. A guardian mother’s existence revolves around love and affection.

A Guardian mom has an extraordinary sense of responsibility. This type of mom is really trustworthy and you can share all your secrets with her. Their strong sense of analyzing situations meticulously makes them at times hard to deal with. But the best thing is that you will end up growing into a nearly perfect individual if brought under the shelter of such mothers.

Then there is the Artisan mother who is described as creative, impulsive, free-spirited, emotional and daring. They want their children to try creative ways of life rather than sticking to a set, predetermined pattern of life. Their children are encouraged to follow their heart, to take risks when necessary, and pursue their passion.

The Idealistic mother is the third type of mother. She possesses three basic qualities – enthusiasm, intuition and romance. They are seen as kind-hearted, nurturing mothers who are also are very particular about the growth and personal development of their children. The idealistic mother wants the best for her children and she always tries to teach her children to do their best at whatever they do. She infects the people around her with her enthusiasm and keen intuition. She also is a romantic at heart.

I’m sure you can list other kinds of mothers, too, who in their own simple ways have influenced your life. Today is the day to remember all the mothers out there and thank God for them. They have given you life and shared their essence with you. Remember, rejoice, and celebrate all the mothers in your life not only every second Sunday of May but every day. Where would you and I be without our mothers?

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