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Did you ever stop to really ask yourself “Who is Jesus?” This series of reflections on the seven ways that Jesus tells us who He really is can help you deepen your understanding of Jesus and who He is to you.

Study and reflect on the 7 “I AM’s” where Jesus Himself tells us Who He is. For each “I AM”, ask yourself:

How does Jesus describe Himself and His mission in this statement?:
What is Jesus’ message to me?
Who is Jesus to me?
Who am I to Jesus?
How do I relate and respond to Jesus’ “I AM…” in this scripture passage?
What meaning/insight does this have about my relationship with Jesus?

John 14:6 … the Way, the Truth, and the Life …

John 11:25 … the Resurrection and the Life …

John 8:12 … the Light of the World …

John 8:58; 18:5-6 … I AM …jesus-true-vine

John 6:35, 51 … the Bread of Life … the Living Bread …

John 15:1 … the True Vine …

John 10:7, 14 … the Gate for the Sheep … the Good Shepherd …

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