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1When our lives are busy and we’ve been on-the-go, we can end up feeling off balance and out of sorts. Sometimes it can feel like we’re juggling so many things that we lose track of ourselves in the midst of all that needs our attention. In such moments, it helps to have a quick way to come back to our center—to recharge and reboot before we move on with our day. Here are 10 strategies to try, each containing an action to do, as well as an intention to either speak or think. Experiment with each one to see what works best for you, and adapt them as needed to make them your own.
Get Some Fresh Air
Step outside and take in several deep breaths, allowing yourself to feel renewed as you literally breathe in (“in spire”) fresh air. You can even imagine being an item of clothing that’s been hung up on a clothing line, allowing the air to move in and around you, refreshing your whole being. “May I feel refreshed and renewed with each breath I take.”
Lie down on your back, extend your arms and legs and take several deep stretches.

You may also want to bend your knees, bringing the soles of your feet to the ground, and let your knees drop to the floor on one side and then the other side. If you’re standing up, extend your arms over your head, leaning to the right and then to the left. Next, bend forward, letting your arms hang down and gently swaying them from side to side.
“May I release any unneeded tension in my body, heart, and mind.”

Rest In An Inverted Position
Resting in an inverted position can be especially rejuvenating. Try scooting close to a wall and then raising your legs and resting them on the wall in a way that feels comfortable. You can also move into a similar position by resting your legs on the seat of a chair. If the floor is hard, put a blanket under your back and a small pillow under your head. “May I empty out what I don’t need and be filled with the qualities that I can most use right now.”

Let Out A Sigh
One of the quickest, most effective ways to release stress and come back into the moment is to let out a sighing exhalation. Allow there to be some sound and an intentional elongation of your out breath. “May I come back into the moment, so that all of me is here.”

Smell An Invigorating Scent
It can be useful to carry an essential oil with you, either in a small bottle or in the form of a lotion or spray. Experiment with a citrus scent, lavender, or mint to see what feels most enlivening to you. “May I feel refreshed and renewed as I take in this scent.”

Lighting A Candle
One of the most universal gestures for coming into the moment and inviting in a sense of the sacred is to light a candle. There’s something about the presence of light and flame that can be powerful in helping us reconnect with ourselves. “May I feel a sense of the sacred, right now and throughout my day.”

Take A Brief Nap
Even if you don’t fall asleep, simply lying down and resting for ten minutes can feel mentally and physically restorative. “May I receive what I most need from this rest.”

Listen To Music
Find a song that’s either enlivening or calming, depending on your mood and what you most need. With the arrival of downloadable music, it’s even easier to create a variety of playlists to have on hand. “May this music enliven and soothe my spirit.”

It can be useful to simply pause for a moment, taking several intentional breaths and bringing your attention back into the present moment. In this moment, may I come back to myself, right here and now.”

Ground Yourself
If you’re standing, notice how the soles of your feet are making contact with the ground and imagine sending down roots through the soles of your feet and into the earth. As you inhale, imagine drawing up strength and nourishment through these roots and into your whole body. “May I be grounded in my body and rooted to the earth, feeling supported and connected.”

You’ll Be Recharged
Once you’ve had a chance to experiment with each of these ten ways to recharge, notice which ones work best for you and under what circumstances each might be most effective. The more you get in a habit of taking a minute to reboot and reconnect with yourself, the more you’ll find yourself feeling energized and present in your day-to-day life.

Source: Beliefnet

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