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By Christa O’Leary
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Each season, especially springtime, is a time of renewal and growth. We see it in the natural environment around us as the blooms begin to blossom and the gray landscape begins to turn green. We can choose to listen and flow with this natural rhythm, God’s rhythm of life, that is innately inherent in our internal cadence or we can detach from our instincts and create obstacles on our path to harmony. Begin to flow with ease and grace in your life with these ten tips:

Keep A Gratitude Journal. In our fast paced world that is filled with distractions and stressors it is important to ‘tune-in’ to what you are grateful for to ‘tune-up’ your life. Focusing your thoughts on what you are grateful for places your attention on something positive. By doing this each morning, you set the tone for the rest of the day attracting more blessings. Taking the time to acknowledge and focus on these areas that fill you with gratitude will facilitate a greater awareness of what is really important in your life.

Prioritize Your To-Do List. The speed of technology, the pressure of work and the over-commitments at home can create a feeling of stress and anxiety. Break down your to-do list into small pieces that are manageable and attainable. Just having a list that prioritizes the to-do’s will give your brain relief from remembering the various responsibilities. Furthermore, you will gain immense satisfaction every time you cross one of the items off your list.
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Clean Up Your Home. Your home either nurtures you or brings your energy down. When you walk into your home do you give a contented sigh because you are happy to be home or do you notice the light bulbs that need to be changed and the piles of clutter that need to be organized? Start with a drawer or closet and begin to make your home a sanctuary the nurtures your soul.

Nurture Your Body. Creating a body that is nourished and nurtured affects your vitality and happiness. Studies have shown that exercise increases serotonin, which is the happiness hormone. Choosing brightly colored fruits and vegetables that are packed with nutrients directly influences your health, mood and spirit. Make healthy choices that will energize and foster your overall sense of well being.

Unplug. Someone recently tweeted, “When did cell phones become appendages?” It made me think back fifteen years when a cell phone was a novelty and not a necessity. We can be plugged in 24/7. It is important for your emotional well being to unplug for some duration each day to connect with the sensations and delights of the real world. When do you unplug?

Breathe. Take a few moments in your day to become aware of how you are breathing. Notice your breathing when you are relaxed and in a good mood. Begin to acknowledge what happens to your breathing when you are upset, stressed or angry. Most people find that their breathing is shallow, short and quick which increases feelings of stress. By taking a few minutes at different points during the day to consciously take five deep breaths you are able to reset your stress level. Take a moment right now to enjoy five deep breaths and begin to notice the difference in your body.

Sleep. Make sleep a priority. You probably have experienced a night where you were unable to get a good night’s sleep, which left you at less than your optimum level of functioning the next day. Your sleep has a huge impact on your overall sense of well being. Additionally, sleepless nights or a lack of sleep increases your stress.

Think Positive Thoughts. Begin to notice what you are thinking as you go through your day. We have so many thoughts that pass through our consciousness on any given day. Many of these repetitive thoughts become an unconscious virtual loop that plays over and over again in our minds. Start to become aware of the things that you say to yourself repeatedly. Replace negative thoughts with positive affirmations.
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Brighten Your Day with Positive People. We all have people in our lives that either uplift us or completely drain our energy. When you need to expend extra energy to protect yourself from slights or a barrage of constant negativity that effort depletes your well being on many levels. Surrounding yourself with people who uplift and encourage you builds a strong foundation of harmony and support. It is important to choose “life affirming” people versus “life draining.” Begin to notice how you feel when you are with different people. Do they brighten your day or bring you down? Ask yourself: Am I a positive and ‘life affirming’ person?

Remember and Repeat Inspiring Activities. You might notice times in your day when you feel truly joyful, happy and inspired. What activities are you doing that are associated with those feelings? Maybe it is when you are taking a walk, playing tennis, sharing a story or figuring out a complex calculation. Begin to recognize what brings a smile of satisfaction to your lips. Incorporate more of these inspired activities and moments every day.

Christa O’Leary, MA, MFT, founder and CEO of Home in Harmony Lifestyle is an Interior Designer, Marriage & Family Therapist and Green Living expert. She teaches people how to ‘Design Inspired Living’. As a motivational speaker, up-and-coming Hay House Radio show host and author, Christa gives people concrete solutions to live their best life by creating an inspired, healthy, vibrant home, body, mind and spirit. Visit http://christaoleary.com/free-gift/ to receive tips on how to Design your Inspired Life! For more information visit www.christaoleary.com.

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