by BCBP Editor

For the year 2011, Portal Editor Nancy R. Catan reports that a total of 294 items were posted on the BCBP Portal website, averaging 24 new postings every month. Other new features on the website included a quiz to challenge the knowledge of BCBP members about their organization, the posting of New Appointments to introduce new chapter heads and their respective governance teams to the BCBP Community, and a feature video or picture, all three features found on the HomePage.

The number of postings per Portal Section in 2011 are: News – 50; Testimonies – 13; Articles and Features – 38; Ladies Forum – 17; Columnists – 41; Q & A – 6; Quiz – 13; Back to Basics – 19; Bible Sharing Guides – 11; Action Group Materials – 8; Formation Materials – 10; Church News – 10; Book Shelf – 4: New Appointments – 11; Pearls of Wisdom – 20; Photo Albums – 12; and Videos – 11.

Other improvements during the year included archiving all back issues of the KAPATIRAN from 1990 to present; you may read them by clicking on Library/KAPATIAN Archives.  A monthly BCBP e-Bulletin was regularly issued to alert members to new postings.  The Chapter Pages were restructured; check out the new page of BCBP Quezon City as an example of the new look.  And the BCBP National FaceBook site was launched to include personal updates from members as well as prayer requests.

If you have not yet checked out and read these materials, we encourage you to spend a few moments being informed, inspired and encouraged in your walk with the Lord in the BCBP. And let us know your comments, suggestions for further improvements, and the ways in which you would like to be more involved in your community website.

The 2011 Portal Team was composed of Nancy Catan – Portal Editor; Loy Judan – BCBP Nat’l Office; and Kenneth Mandar – Technical Staff. The Team was under the direction of Joey Avellana, National Service Coordinator for Programs and Services.

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