Congratulations on the new design of the portal.  It’s much easier and friendlier to use.  I am just wondering why the links page was removed.  And if space allows it may I suggest this link  It’s a 3 minute retreat from Loyola Press.  I have shared this with other members of the chapter and we find it very helpful. It actually serves as a refreshing break from the hussle and bustle of our chores.  Thanks again for the fresh new look of the website.  God bless you.  PV Beley, BCBP Greenhills

Thanks for your encouraging comments on the new look in the BCBP Community Portal and for recommending this resource.  FYI the links are still on the web.  You may access them under the Scripture Calendar on the HOMEPAGE/See selected Catholic links.  The complete listing is in SPECIAL FEATURES/Resources.  Nancy R. Catan, Portal Editor [9-23-09]

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