8 Qualities of Successful BCBP Chapters

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By BCBP Managing Editor

How do you know if a BCBP chapter is successful?

This is a question often asked by leaders of the Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals (BCBP) when evaluating chapters. 

Bro. Edgar Ramilo, RCD of Southern Tagalog Region 1-A

Bro. Edgar Ramilo, the new Regional Council Director (RCD) for Southern Tagalog Region 1-A, said that Chapter Review Visitations (CRV) in the region, he has identified at least eight qualities that successful chapters possess. 

He revealed these qualities during the fourth anniversary of the BCBP Calamba West Chapter at the Sta. Elena Golf Club in Laguna recently. 

These qualities are the following:

1) Attendance

Ramilo said the percentage attendance in the activities of successful chapters is usually very high.  “When all members attend regularly the activities of the chapter, it is a very good sign that the chapter will succeed in all its plans and programs,” he said.

2) Support for Leaders  

Successful chapters are good examples of the BCBP’s culture of submission to authority. According to Ramilo, these chapters fully recognize the fact that their leaders are the ones responsible and accountable to the Lord for their growth and development. 


3) Alignment with BCBP National Office

Ramilo noted that successful chapters adhere to BCBP’s culture and always follow the BCBP’s National Directions, and because of these, “they always succeed.” 

4) Healthy Tithing Performance

The STR 1-A RCD pointed out that successful chapters have an average tithing percentage of 75% which helps these chapters support all their plans and programs for the year. 

“Some chapters have an average tithing percentage of 100%. And I would like to congratulate Calamba West for having achieved this for 20 consecutive months already,” he said. 

The BCBP Calamba West members pose for a group photo during their 4th anniversary at the Sta. Elena Golf Club.

5) Active Service

In  successful chapters, Ramilo said members readily accept whatever service is assigned to them and they actively serve in various activities and ministries.

“When I was a new CLP graduate many years ago, I used to ask myself, what can I get from the community. But after a few months, as I steadily grew in faith and Christian maturity, my mindset gradually changed. I was asking then what can I give or share to the community in order to bring more people to the Lord, and to bring more glory to God. Thus I accepted all services assigned to me. In short, it is better for us to ask what we can give to BCBP rather than what we can get from BCBP,” he said.

6)  Leadership Development

Successful chapters continue to develop new leaders through their Formation Programs. Ramilo noted that these chapters continuously let their members who are potential leaders attend every Formation workshop and Regional Leadership training program that comes up.  

The plans of BCBP Calamba West chapter

7) Active in Recruitment 

Members in successful chapters continuously bring first-timers to their breakfast meetings, and participants to their Christian Life Programs (CLP). Ramilo said that these chapters usually have CLPs with approximately 20 participants or more.  “The more the better,” he said 

Ramilo cited as example the San Pablo chapter with 38 first-timers for their Grand Breakfast in May 2018,  with 22 of these first-timers now attending the chapter’s on-going CLP.

8) Active in Mission Works  

Ramilo stressed that successful chapters continuously find ways to open up breakfast missions that would later on become outreaches, and eventually chapters. 

For this, he cited as example the Calamba chapter which opened a mission in Makiling in May and has started conducting CLP in July.  Another example he gave was the Los Baños Chapter which currently has a mission in Cabuyao and will be opening another mission in Bay, Laguna. He also mentioned the Sta Cruz Outreach which will be opening a breakfast mission in Pagsanjan in August.

Ramilo challenged BCBP members to continue to be the light that would lead other businessmen and professionals to the Lord. “Inspire them with your Christian values and with good examples that you bring into your respective offices and workplaces. Continue to be the change agents in your respective businesses,” he said. 

Bro. Edwin Villaver, BCBP Calamba West Chapter Head

As a response, Bro. Edwin Villaver, the Chapter Head of BCBP Calamba West, announced expansion plans, rallying his chapter to double its active membership in two years. 

The BCBP Calamba West chapter was an offshoot of the Calamba Chapter where most of its original members came from. It serves the biggest barangay of Calamba — Canlubang — and its surrounding industrial parks where thousands of businessmen and professionals live and work. # # #




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