by BCBP Editor

By Bong Pelaez, BCBP Cagayan de Oro

Christmas time is receiving….when we were young, carefree, no responsibilities and worry free.

Christmas time is GIVING…

As we mature, have our own family, interact with our co-workers and involve ourselves in community activities, we experience the joy of giving.

IMG_3269Beng and I decided the best way to celebrate her 60th birthday last December 20 was to donate the budget for a grand party to our local seminary, our parish church, and to her apostolate work for abused women and children. We treated our BCBP barkada to a simple dinner a day before her birthday and celebrated her birthday in time with our rural bank Christmas party… where she was the star of the night…all for free. As we celebrated the Christmas parties of our farm workers, our budget savings for a grand 60th grand party allowed Beng to give cash gifts to the children and to the adults as they performed their number.

Tonight (December 24), after the 6PM MASS, we will have a good dinner – roast beef and baked turkey – with our children and grandchildren plus our adopted parish priest as special guest….again from not spending for a grand 60th birthday party.


YES Christmas Time is GIVING….knowing how to share and spend your blessings.

A Blessed Christmas to All!


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