A Tribute To Tatang Louie

by BCBP Editor

By Monette Beley

Louie Morales was larger than life. He was a raconteur known for his loud voice, sharp wit and wicked sense of humor. Tatang Louie to many a BCBP member from the far north to the deep south of the Philippines and beyond its shores, he was possessed of the heart of a zealous “misyonaryo” and the mind of a savvy adman. It was not only our community that lost a cherished member, but also the country’s advertising industry of which he was a stalwart.

A long-time member of Alabang Chapter and a regular fixture at both the Makati and Alabang Breakfasts, Tatang Louie was hugely instrumental in the drive to bring the BCBP to the Visayas and Mindanao. So passionate and “creative” were he and his fellow mission team members that they were fondly dubbed the Wild Horses of Alabang with Louie often taking the lead.

He never stopped pushing for the expansion of the BCBP here and overseas. Indeed, whenever he learned someone was traveling abroad, he would urge that member to open a breakfast wherever he or she was going. This passion is the reason why today Singapore is a thriving chapter, Guam a vibrant outreach, Kota Kinabalu a promising mission, and BCBP USA and BCBP Canada continue to grow. Tatang Louie also encouraged or pushed potential leaders to take up the mantle and serve the community, sometimes jokingly chiding those who have been hesitant with the verse “Oh you of little faith.” And because of his penchant for unexpected projects and initiatives, he came to be known as STK: Si Tatang Kasi.

Louie served as the second BCBP President from 2000-2002. He has now reunited with late past presidents Manny Banigan and Larry Veloso. It’s easy to imagine him swapping stories with them and other past senior leaders over a round of Heaven’s version of whiskey. And as in life, he’ll dominate the conversation with his booming voice and wonderful wit and humor.

Our loss is Heaven’s gain. We’ll miss you so much, Tatang Louie. Farewell and Godspeed.

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