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By Beth Tirona Ginete, BCBP Makati

The Grand Breakfast on “Combating Corruption” has left us with valuable insights and we are left with the questions in our minds… what is the next thing to do? Is it just one of those mornings that we say, “ang galing!”, “exciting”, “so inspiring” then.. forgotten in time!
choose to be brave
We can’t all run for public office but we can do our parts where we are… Here are some excerpts lifted from the Pastoral Exhortation of the CBCP for the Year of the Laity 2014 as written by Archbishop Socrates Villegas D.D. It offers some responses which are doable and actionable..

“Since the corruption in business and in politics that we must fight against is systemic, we your pastors, urge you to unite in groups which through prayer, discernment and concerted action will renew the social and political fabric of our country. Individual goodness is NOT SUFFICIENT anymore! The good individual will only be swallowed up by the evil system. While individual witness is important, it is in unity that good Christian people will get their strength and attain victory.

To sustain and strengthen you in your efforts,

1. Read the Bible, Read it not only to study it but pray with it. When read prayerfully, the Bible will nourish your life. It will help you resist temptations; it will help you know and follow Jesus, our Lord.

2. Have resources to the Sacraments. Value your Baptism. Let parents take seriously the responsibility they undertook at baptism to raise up their children as good Christians…. Christian married couples should see their marriage as a public commissioning by Christ to serve and protect life and married love itself.

Have recourse especially to the Sacrament of Reconciliation… it will heal our moral wounds and give us the grace to fight sin in ourselves and in society… and the Eucharist… the source of Christian life and strength.

3. Going out to others in order to reach the fringes of humanity does not mean rushing out aimlessly into the world. Often it is better simply to slow down, to put aside our eagerness in order to see and listen to others, to stop rushing from one thing to another and to remain with someone who has faltered along the way.

And finally, we ask you to STAND UP FOR JESUS not only in religious activities but in your private and public life. Speak up for Jesus and his Church in public discussions. Do not be afraid to be identified as Catholic Christians. You have been called to be saints; you are sent forth as heroes. Take courage. Choose to be brave!”

Check out the entire pastoral letter under ARTICLES Pastoral Exhortation of the CBCP for the Year of the Laity 2014 on this website bcbpkapatiran.

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