For alternatives re lay theological formation, may I suggest exploring the possibility in Maryhill School of Theology located in New Manila.  –Cezar Miranda, BCBP Dumaguete South

There are, indeed, several schools and universities offering various lay theological formation courses.  However I want to bring to your attention that the three volumes of Evangelizing Presence books, published by the BCBP, provide BCBP members a readily available source about the social teachings of the Church to give the reader a foundational, very practical and liveable approach to social transformation (vol 1), teachings on the culture of life and bioethics (vol 2), and living the moral life today in integrity and honesty (vol 3).  These books are complete with discussion questions for action group discussion supplemented with case studies based on actual Philippine situations.  They are available through the BCBP National Office.  For those persons wishing to further their learnings and insights in these basic theological teachings and their relevance to life today, we encourage the use of these Evangelizing Presence books.  –Nancy R. Catan, Portal Editor and Co-Author of the Evangelizing Presence books.  (7-24-09)

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