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By Benjie Torre, BCBP Bacolod South Chapter
christmas - essence is love
Christmas parties in our BCBP community are usually one of the sought after annual activities. We share gifts, eat sumptuous food and hold talent show competitions complete with props and costumes.

In the wake of the recent Bohol Earthquake and Yolanda Typhoon tragedies that devastated the lives of our brothers and sisters, let us celebrate with subdued Christmas parties or forego immoderate revelry to sympathize with the victims.

Can we still celebrate with abundant parties and lavish preparations if our people are suffering?

They lost their loved ones, shelter, livelihood and securities. They have scarce resources and nothing to eat and drink that will sustain them for a long time. They need medical supplies, clothing to wear, shoes to walk in, electricity to lighten the dark nights, basic toiletries, blankets to warm their bodies and people they can talk to.

Forget about grumbling or resorting to finger pointing at people who are in government or in higher institutions. The loss of family member/s has intensified a lot of heartbreaks and grief.

Faith and prayers will bring hope and joy to our people who experienced these catastrophic destructions. But what is more important to them is our presence, our willing help, and our love.
yolanda damage
As humans…will we just react emotionally watching the faces of despair in media or just talk to one another that we are truly sad about what happened to them. The question is what we can do to save and uplift their lives?

All of us must act now and grasp their outstretched hands. This is the time to let go of our comforts and share until it hurts. This is a calling of discipleship wherein we need to mobilize everybody to social missions.

Let us be supportive of our community social actions. Let us show compassion by offering ourselves to share and serve. Even the victims sacrificed their lives and needs just to save others.

Now is the truest Christmas where we will share our blessings to people who are suffering – not just in a few days but will continue to suffer for a long time.

Let us gladly accept forfeiting something that is insignificant and extravagant at these trying times. Live out what our Lord Jesus lived for when He sacrificed and offered His life for all of us.
sharing is caring
We pray for those who perished and at the same time thank our Savior for all of our BCBP members and people who survived the devastating calamity tragedies.

Let us pray that our God, our Father, will bless all of us now and especially during this Christmas season for showing to us the real essence of what the Christmas spirit should mean to us in our hearts.

Help us to be selfless, always placing the welfare of one another ahead of self. Through Jesus Christ, your only Son, our Lord. Amen (Our BCBP Community Prayer)

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BCBP EDITOR November 16, 2013 - 5:21 pm

From Beth Ginete: I completely agree with bro. Benjie. Thank you Benjie for boldly writing down what the Holy Spirit is leading you to. Since Sunday after the Yolanda typhoon and watching on TV the vastness of its destruction, I was moved deeply and have been sharing with all I can this strong sense.. Feel blessed and be grateful that you are dry, safe, unaffected.. But this should move you to action in concrete ways, not just prayers. Yes, I will heed your prayers.. Yes, financial donations will be helpful esp. as it will bring food and answer the needs of the victims. Further to this, I am asked to detach myself from comfort esp. fleeting pleasures.. too much food, too much leisure, too much “selfies”… I am being asked to deprive and detach myself from these .. beginning now till probably we see some light and comfort for our brothers and sisters.. So thank you Bro. Benjie for this confirmation. I hope the rest of the chapters and its members will be in unison with this call.

Bro. Benjie, what specifically can we do as chapters from Luzon? Are you able to reach BCBP Tacloban, Ormoc, Samar? We are not aware what chapters have been affected? May God bless us all to share with those in need.


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