Here is a creative activity to liven up your group while at the same time helping emphasize elements of caring and community.

Try making “Stone Soup”. Begin by reading this tale:

An outsider came to a small village one day. He took a large pot of water, added several large stones, and set it to boil over an open fire in the center of town. One by one, the villagers came by and asked what he was stirring. Each time, the outsider replied, “I’m making stone soup, but it’s missing something.”
Each villager returned to his or her home, fetched some small morsel to add to the soup, and brought it to the outsider. Some brought potatoes, some carrots, some onions, and so on until it became a rich concoction. While they waited for the soup to cook, the villagers chatted and eased into a party spirit. Soon they all enjoyed a tasty, nourishing meal made possible by teamwork.

Explain to your action group that the next time you meet, you’ll make stone soup. Ask each one to bring an ingredient to contribute to the soup pot. (No fair discussing with each other what to bring!) Don’t be surprised if you encounter some apprehension. You may need to assure some members that if the soup is a total flop, you’ll order pizza – but this seldom happens. As host, you’ll supply the pot, the stone, the water and the bread to eat with the soup.

This is not only a fun activity but can stimulate a lively discussion on cooperation, caring, community and interrelatedness – all important features of the BCBP Way of Life.

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Ernie jamora June 4, 2014 - 8:17 pm

This stone soup fun game may just turn out to be very interesting. We will propose it next Agm. Who knows we’ll get everyone excited and try it the following Agm. As I understand ingredients must not be discussed, much less agreed among the members. It must be fun.
Thanks for this creative idea which can stir some excitement and add life and spice to Agm’s.


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