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be an encouragerEncouragement is the function and responsibility of every Christian especially those in positions of leadership — action group leader, unit leader, music ministry head, etc. And words and gestures of encouragement should be our response to the sharings of our brothers and sisters, even if we are just members.

Being an encourager is not only meant for the BCBP. We should be a courage giver for our family, relatives, friends, neighbors, and in our workplaces, our barangay, our parish, and also to those in most need of our compassion and encouragement.

Here are a few questions to help you evaluate how well you bring encouragement to those around you.

Do I think of creative ways to motivate and encourage the members in my action group? In my family? In my workplace? – Hebrews 10:24-25

Do my words strengthen people to remain true to the faith? – Acts 14:21-22, 15:32

Do I readily forgive my brothers and sisters, affirming my love for them but also communicating that they should “go and sin no more”? – 2 Cor. 2:7

Am I willing and humble enough to let others encourage me? – 2 Cor. 7:6-7

Am I helping my BCBP brothers and sisters, especially those in my action group, to live out their white card commitment? – 2 Cor. 9:5

Do my words and my works emphasize that the purpose of God’s comfort is to equip us and to encourage us to comfort others? – 2 Cor. 1:3-5

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