In a recent Golf Digest ® Magazine issue, Sean Foley, Tiger’s new golf instructor, addresses the backswing of most amateur golfers. He asks the reader, “Are you faking your turn?”

Golfers would easily interpret this personally and perhaps see themselves making a slide to the right to start their back swing and shifting back to their left foot on their downswing, rather than making a circular motion with their torso. Sean Foley details this swing error. He describes that most golfers do in fact pivot or turn their upper body in a circle to initiate their swing. Unfortunately, it is mostly a shoulder turn. The hips make the tiniest of turns, if not staying stationery. Blame this, perhaps, on other articles, many from the same magazine, but from other pros, who profess that by “keeping the lower body quiet whilst the making big shoulder turn, produces a powerful uncoiling action that delivers distance.” Wow! It works for some, but not for everyone.

Foley professes that to complete a circular golf swing, one must let his pelvis turn as well. Sure, let the shoulders, chest and arm lead the way, but the pelvis or hips must follow and, in turn, lead the way back to address position for the downswing and impact.

A common golf adage is “you are your own adversary – you compete against yourself.” Golf is pretty much a mind game. Faking your turn is, indeed, faking or fooling your own self. This might work for one or two lucky swings but consistency goes away. Caddies would say “Sir, kulang sa ikot ang katawan.” So now I shift the focus from the “turn” to “fake.”

Dear Christian brothers – golfers or not: don’t we sometimes, just sometimes, catch ourselves faking our worship? Faking one’s worship is quite a lot easier than faking one’s swing. No one can tell – or so we think. You sing praise songs only with your mouth, not from the heart; you raise your hands not to praise God, but because everybody else had raised their hands already. It’s easy because no one around you is bound to notice. And there is neither caddie, nor a miss-hit golf ball to tell you that you have made a fake swing.

That’s where you’re wrong! Somebody does notice. John 3:19 tells us: “. . . we know that God is greater than our hearts, and he knows everything.” Yes, Somebody notices, Somebody up there. In fact He notices not only your fake worship but your fake swing too; as well as your caddie faking your scorecards! Try attending the BCLP talk on “Praising and Raising of Hands” or “Vocal Prayers” to remind ourselves WHY we do this. Or perhaps find a talk outline if there is no ongoing BCLP.

And faking praise is not limited to assemblies. Do you pray the Rosary because your dear wife asked you to pray with her? You then end up reciting each Hail Mary in a hurried monotone impatiently waiting for all five mysteries to finish. Do you go through your prayer time simply because your leader asked you to pray at a specific time say 6:30 every morning or as soon as you wake up?

I must admit that to this day I do catch myself shortening my backswing on a bad day of golf. It does improve the ball striking a bit, but the loss of distance really tells everybody how short or faked the backswing was. Faking one’s worship may suit your motives but it is useless as far as fortifying your soul is concerned. It is not about you, it is all about God! Faking your worship or in fact your prayer time has the same effect as sitting in a rocking chair. Lots of activity but it doesn’t get you anywhere.

And so dear brother Christian golfer? – Are you faking your turn? And to all brother Christians: Are you faking your worship?

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