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Just as the growth of tropical fish is limited by the size of the aquarium in which they live, we also are affected by our environment. If your current circumstances do nothing to help you grow, you’re going to have a hard time enlarging yourself to reach your potential. That’s why it’s crucial that you create and support an environment of growth around you.

This is what the BCBP aims to do – provide a way of life and support environment where businessmen and professionals, guided by the Holy Spirit, can experience Christ through a continuing process of Conversion, Commitment and Commissioning. That kind of place (community) should look like this:
growing community
1. Others are ahead of you.
2. You are still challenged.
3. Your focus is forward.
4. The atmosphere is affirming.
5. You are out of your comfort zone.
6. Others are growing, too.
7. Service and ministry opportunities abound.
8. There is a willingness to change.
9. Growth is modeled and expected.
10. Leaders encourage and model joyful participation and fellowship in BCBP community activities.

A life of continual growth is never easy, but a good environment and community like the BCBP makes the swim upstream a little less difficult.

Discussion Starters

How do you see your own growth in the BCBP in terms of these ten areas? What are your own areas of strengths and weaknesses that could affect the community’s growth?

How do you see the BCBP Community in your chapter/region? Is it growing dynamically in terms of these ten areas? What can you and your action group do about this, acknowledging that we cannot change others, we can only change/transform ourselves?

Since we know that participation and service is an excellent way to grow, how can we let members be more active in their participation in BCBP’s various ministries and activities? This means YOU, too!

(Adapted from Leadership Promises for Every Day, by John C. Maxwell, reflection for August 15)

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