The Baguio Chapter of the BCBP launched its Election Advocacy campaign on March 19 and 20 by holding a press conference with ABS-CBN and other media groups, reports Chapter Head Cris Alipe. The press conference and other activities were joined by Bro Jun Itliong, president of the 1-United Transport Koalisyon, Bro Ed Jiminez, former CH of BCBP Baguio, Bro Rob Ocampo, CEO and President of Colours network TV32, and Atty. Ed Avila, President of the Rotary Club of downtown Baguio.

The press conference was followed by a motorcade during which the group distributed “Bumoto ng Tapat, Bumoto ng Nararapat” stickers along the way. Bro Cris reports that many drivers and riders were chanting the advocacy slogan as the motorcade drove past.


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