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By Bro. Jess Cagara, BCBP Cebu South

active comitment2It was in December 1998 when I first came to know about the Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals, when a fellow lawyer asked me if I am involved with any community. However, it was only on May 7, 2005 that I finally tasted what it is to have “breakfast with the Lord.” On that very day, I heard a call but I didn’t give it a thought for I had other plans and concerns. But I kept on coming back every Saturday (sometimes upon the prodding of my wife) to have breakfast with the Lord. As a first timer to the community, the BCBP’s mission—to win business people and professionals for the Lord through evangelization and to transform the marketplace and the professions with the values of the Gospel— did not stick to my mind. I believe this is the same with all other first timers to the breakfast. As I endeavored to come back every Saturday, I realized that each breakfast that I attended was a different experience. Attending the breakfast eventually led me to join the Brotherhood Christian Life Program.

When I was called to join the brotherhood, I didn’t realize that I was meant to become a leader, a fisher of men. Now, I carry the responsibility to make a difference in this community- to help evangelize the marketplace and transform the marketplace; and to perform my role as a servant leader. I have to lead, not by giving out orders, but leading by being a servant and serving alongside my fellow brothers and sisters. I have to humble myself and do the tasks especially when no one else wants to do them. 1 have to go out of my comfort zone just to serve others, and not to be served. As a good Christian, I should not be a burden to my fellow brothers or to my community as a whole. We ought to do our share in the community.

As I revisited the BCBP Commitment card, the following are stated:
1. Living as a follower of Christ
2. Making myself available for service
3. Becoming a Christian businessman and professional

These things seemed to be daunting at first but it became doable when I started to pray. Then I ask God to change my heart and to help me develop the character qualities that I need or ought to have. I have to rely on the power of God to give me the strength need to follow what I have committed. Philippians 9:13 declares, “1 can do all things through him who strengthens me.”

As a leader in this community, I can do only so much. I will be needing your help to keep this community moving. Let us live out the commitment card faithfully and consistently. We should not allow ourselves to live out the commitment card sporadically and/or selectively. We may not be seeking to live a higher way; to add things to our being Christians, however, we have to make certain decisions about how we will live or become a part in our community.

We need to become living members of our community, and we need to do certain things. We need to attend the basic formation program, which gives us the instruction we need to live and work together as members. We need to be actively committed to our common life and mission and to regularly attend teaching nights, assemblies, breakfasts (and to bring in first timers) and other activities of the BCBP. Most of all, be open for the various services that are needed by our chapter. Consider it an honor to be chosen to contribute to the work of the Lord through the BCBP, in whatever way we are called.
To God be the glory.

Source: Kaigsuonan

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Jose R. Peñas, Jr. January 16, 2015 - 8:46 am

I felt myself as if I were the one who wrote this article of Bro. Jess Cagara. I plan to distribute copies of this article to our Davao West Chapter members.


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