Loyola School of Theology is offering through its LST-LIFE, Loyola Lay Institute for Formation and Empowerment, new programs specially designed for the lay. The one-month course modules are directed towards faith enrichment and church ministry for lay leaders, and are offered both in Loyola and in Rockwell. The first module starts on June 16, Tuesday, 7-9pm at the Ateneo Professional Schools, Rockwell, with the same being held on Wednesdays, 8-10pm at the Loyola School of Theology, Q.C.

BCBP President Larry Veloso and immediate past president Bobby Lavina recommend these courses very highly. Bro Bobby L. says, “They are the product of consultation among the LST administration, Fr. Herb Schneider, and lay renewal leaders (including myself) and are attempts to provide basic but important theological teachings to businessmen and professionals seeking to strengthen their faith. These modules are complimentary to our Basic Formation Program.” Bobby continues, “I will be taking these courses myself. If anyone is interested to attend, kindly contact me for the registration details (cell#09178333737, email: rml@phinma.com.ph).”

Module I deals with “Understanding What We Believe”, zeroing in on Jesus’ Mission, Message, Passion and Death, Resurrection, and Our Salvation. Fr. Manuel Francisco, S.J. is the lecturer for the four weekly sessions.

In Module II Fr. Eric Marcelo Genilo, S.J., presents authentic images of God that help direct our moral life toward a closer imitation of Christ. This module “Articulating How We Live” discusses various moral issues including confession (is it necessary?), the nature of the teaching authority of the Church, virtue ethics, and moral principles for dilemma cases.

Fr. Herb Schneider handles Module III on the biblical background of Jesus Christ. Fr. Herb takes the class through the life of Jesus according to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and shows how the first disciples talked and taught about Jesus after his death and resurrection in the Book of Acts and the Pauline Letters.

Lay Spirituality is the topic for Module IV, handled by Fr. Renato Oliveros, S.J. This module covers a brief history of Christian Spirituality, Lay Ignatian Spirituality and Marian Spirituality, Lay Spirituality in worship, as well as Lay Spirituality in the work place. The emergence of charismatic renewal movements, community-based spirituality, bible-based spirituality, and eco-spirituality are also discussed in this module.

The modules will run from June to October, 2009, with sessions held once weekly for four weeks/module. Fees for these non-degree courses are P2,000 per module.

Among the many degree courses in the Masters Program, three courses have been specifically designed for the lay: Revelation-Faith, Synoptics with emphasis on the Gospel of Mark, and Mystics in the Market Place. For further details, please contact Grace Oconer, Assistant to the Dean at 426-6430 to 35 local 3606.


-You can register just before the first class which starts @7pm June 16.

-However, EARLY registration is encouraged. because only 75 students will be accepted in each class (and 25 have already registered). EARLY registration is ongoing at the Loyola School of Theology. Kindly look for Grace Oconer, Assistant to the Dean at 426-6430 to 35 local 3606.

– I am willing to handle the early registration of BCBP members who are committed to attend but can’t go to Loyola Heights. All they have to do is drop off their check for P2000 at my office Phinma Plaza,Rockwell. They can also call me at 8700584.

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