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In line with the BCBP’s BE HONEST Advocacy, ten BCBP members attended the Observers Training on Government Procurement Bids & Awards Committee (BAC), on June 14, 2012, held at the Asian Institute of Management by the Coalition Against Corruption (CAC)-BBC-LAIKO. This was the second such training for private sector volunteers as observers to the Bids and Awards Committees of national government agencies and government-owned and controlled corporations in response to the call for citizens’ participation to help ensure credible and transparent government procurement/accountability and minimize opportunities for corruption. In the picture are the BCBP Volunteers with CAC-BBC-LAIKO C0- Chairman Atty.Pat Menzon and Coordinator Polly Dichoso and Team.

The BCBP had previously (2010) signed a Memorandum of Understanding for this purpose and last year February 18, 2011 saw several BCBP members attending the CAC training – Art De La Cruz, BCBP Quezon City; Jun Mayoralgo, BCBP Greenhills; Loy Judan, BCBP Nat’l Ofc; Rene Medrocillo, BCBP Cavite, and Francis Mapile, BCBP Manila. After the training they were then assigned to designated government agencies.

The ten BCBP members who participated in the Observers’ Training this year were:
1. Jansen Bautista – BCBP Quezon City
2. Arnold Torres – BCBP Las Pinas
3. Bernard Dy – BCBP Makati
4. Ronald Lambrinto – BCB Lipa
5. Marianito Rivera – BCBP Greenhills
6. Elmer Crisostomo – BCBP Greenhills
7. Benny de Guzman – BCBP Greenhills
8. Jun Mayoralgo – BCBP Greenhills ( BAC Observer since last year)
9. Art De la Cruz – BCBP Quezon City ( BAC Observer since last year)
10. Bert Masiclat – BCBP MANCOM

At the meeting CAC-BBC-LAIKO C0- Chairman Atty. Pat Menzon and Executive Director Polly Dichoso mentioned that BCBP will now be part of this group, not under its umbrella, but rather as co- partners in this endeavor because of its BE HONEST CAMPAIGN ADVOCACY.

The MOA previously signed by the parties in 2010 formalized their agreement to unify their efforts and resources to uphold and advance the principles of good and effective governance in public procurement.

For its part the BCBP will disseminate to its chapters and members the CAC-BBC-LAIKO Monitoring Project. It will organize chapters and members’ forum and meetings for purposes of providing orientation and inviting members to volunteer as BAC Observers. It will likewise endorse members who express interest and willingness to become volunteer BAC observers.

On the other hand, CAC-BBC-LAIKO commits to train and deploy BCBP vounteer observers to the BACs of selected government agencies.


Jun Mayoralgo, BCBP Greenhills, who attended both last year’s and this year’s training gives us an overview of what is involved:

The Bids and Awards Committee (“BAC”) of the procuring entity shall invite in all stages of procurement, at least two (2) observers to sit in proceedings to enhance transparency in the procurement process, in compliance with the Implementing Rules and Regulations (“IRR”) of Republic Act 9187 (“R.A. 9184”)otherwise known as The Government Procurement Reform Act (“GPRA”).

As provided for in the IRR of R.A. 9184, one shall come from a duly-recognized private group in a sector of discipline relevant to the procurement at hand and the other shall come from a non-government organization (“NGO”)

Observers shall come from an organization duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”). They should have the knowledge, experience, or expertise in procurement or in the subject matter of the contract to be bid. They should have no direct or indirect interest in the contract to be bid out. Further, the BAC may determine any other criteria that the observers would have to meet.

It is here that the Coalition Against Corruption through its CAC-BBC-LAIKO Government Procurement Monitoring Committee cordially invited our organization, the BCBP, to send prospective volunteers who are willing and readily available to be deployed as Observers in the Bids and Awards Committee of various national government agencies. The one-day training aims to provide and equip the Bids and Awards Committee Volunteer Observers with the following, among others:

1. Basic knowledge and information on government procurement systems and processes as provided for by R.A. 9184 and its revised IRR;
2. Guidelines and existing practices in observing/monitoring the different stages of procurement/public bidding; and
3. Handling, managing and processing of observations gathered from the conduct of public bidding.


1. The observer has the duty to be honest about his/her qualification, and about any circumstance that may lead to a conflict of interest. The observer must complete a conflict of interest sheet, indicating, among others, the areas of conflict, if any. The conflict of interest sheet must be updated if any change occurs.

2. The BAC must review the statements declared in the conflict of interest sheet prior to the procurement to ensure that any potential conflict of interest is identified and appropriately addressed.

3. In the event that a conflict of interest exists, the observer shall be prohibited from participating as BAC observer in the particular item to be procured. In his/her stead, the private sector group or NGO shall send a temporary replacement with no conflict of interest to sit as observer only for that procurement.

4. The procuring entity may provide additional prohibitions and sanctions relative to real, apparent, or potential conflict of interest.

This report was filed by Jun Mayoralgo, BCBP Greenhills.

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YES BROD. BE HONEST. we do these to generate/connect to our next generation NOW and forever, we do it now. GOD BLESS US ALWAYS


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