BCBP NAC 40 Congratulatory Message from BCBP Chairman Tito Serafica

by BCBP admin
Tito Serafica
BCBP Chairman

A new normal has descended upon us. Old routines, conflicting priorities and unhealthy attachments are a thing of the past. Faced with fears, doubts and uncertainties, do we sink or do we soar?

Dearest brothers & sisters, now more than ever, “keeping the faith” holds greater significance for all of us. Anchored on our Christ-centered way of life, it makes me believe that we are truly prepared to rise above our current circumstances. The past 40 years has been marked by many milestones, of victory and hard earned accomplishments in the mission field where we are planted. And there too, where the occasional times of struggles and problems that tested our resolve to stay the course. Yet through all of these myriad challenges, every one of us – whether leader or member, seasoned or fresh graduate, old or young, married or single – worked head, heart and hand to bring our shared strengths, treasured resources and manifold talents to rally behind the singular purpose of being Christ’s disciples in the marketplace.

Moving forward, my sincere hope and prayer is for our beloved BCBP to leap from strength to greater strength, to bravely embrace our new realities while constantly remaining as His dependent servants, dedicated shepherds and detached stewards. Let us joyfully be nourished by God’s promise as set forth in Isaiah 58:11, “the LORD will always guide you; HE will satisfy you in a sun-scorched land and strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail.”

With expectant faith, abiding hope and much gratefulness, may we always proclaim and affirm, “Let God be enough!”

Blessed 40th Anniversary to one and all!

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