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Chapter Head : HABABAG, Bobby / Chit
Mission Director : LOGRONIO, Arnel / Judy
Formation Director: MIRASOL, Ato / Maris
PSD : SARIO, Leo / Emma
Treasurer : MENDIZABAL, Buddy / Glo
Unit Leader 1 : DOCOG, Charles / Heide
Unit Leader 2 : JOLLOSO, Peter / Dada
Unit Leader 3 : FOMENTO, Vic / Josie
Unit Leader 4 : ANOTADO, Nic / Lorna

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terence detera July 29, 2012 - 4:57 pm

congratulations to all of us who faithfully committed to bcbp and Christ..May we always walk in the right path towards God. God Bless us all. PEACE!

Edmon Morata July 21, 2012 - 11:17 am

I am a member of BCBP in Bulan as an outreach. I am elated that I am part of this community.I am fully convinced that the group helped me to be more inclined in Christ’s way. Prayer becomes part of my daily routine since after work I immediately pray the rosary, read the bible and pray a novena to St.Pio. I know that the community is with me leading to know more about Christ.Thanks Sorsogon Chapter for bringing BCBP in Bulan.Now the community in Bulan is expanding because at present, CLP 3 is conducted till September.Mabuhay ang BCBP!!Mabuhay si Kristo sa puso ng Bicolano lalo na sa puso ng Bulaneno.


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