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By Jay Dejaresco, BCBP Makatismmr singles retreat

Taking time out of their daily routine, BCBP members who are single (unmarried, widows, widowers) from Southern Metro Manila gathered in a two day retreat last June 18 and 19 at the Carmelite Missionaries Center of Spirituality in Tagaytay. A total of 48 singles from BCBP SMMR took part in the retreat. Thirty two were single ladies while sixteen were single men.

BCBP singles underwent various sessions involving mediation and discernment on the blessedness of being single, focusing on the theme Matthew 14:27 that says “Take heart, it is I; Have no fear.” Retreat masters for the event were Francis Iturralde for the men, and Menchie Rojas for the ladies.

Bro. Francis is deemed an old guard of BCBP having been among the original breakfasters during the infancy of BCBP. He was also one of those that conceptualized what is now the logo of BCBP, according to Jun Ginete. Menchie Rojas has been regularly conducting talks and discussions with single ladies in BCBP.

The retreat was facilitated by Makati BCBP through Formation Director Jun and Beth Ginete. Jun Ginete said the singles’ retreat was the first region-wide, in a long time. It was an opportunity to focus on and address the spiritual concerns of those who have chosen, or have become single in their journey with Jesus Christ.

Not a few of single attendees however, like Jox Uy, said that the topics discussed in the sessions were also applicable and relevant to couples. One of the sessions tackled the challenging topic on how to identify and deal with our own fears, depicting these fears as “giants” in our lives that have to be slayed. In confronting these fears, members were exhorted to continue to pray and seek the Lord for the grace and wisdom to confront and overcome these “giants”.
SMMR Singles Parrticipants

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Didit Valencia of Kapatagan Valley Chapter September 21, 2016 - 8:46 am

I had been waiting for Singles retreat material since our singles are so excited to have their own retreat, I wish that this could be included in the formation manual so we can conduct singles retreat in our chapter.
Thank you and I hope that this can be materialized.

Beth Ginete August 12, 2016 - 11:00 am

Hi Lenie. We conducted it for the South Metro Manila Region and it was composed of both men and women. The course outline was designed and ran by Francis Iturralde and Menchie Rojas, based on previous retreats they have given to singles. Sessions were held separately for these 2 groups as Singles need to be more exclusive esp. when they share with one another. We also had separate service teams to cater to the needs of Men and Women. Music Min, Admin staff to help distribute handouts, picture taker etc. Yes, we’d love to share whatever we can . Please contact me at 09209241520. God bless!

Lenie Ocampo August 10, 2016 - 3:12 pm

Greetings and Congratulations to the recently concluded BCBP SMMR!

We are interested to know and learn from you the course, things to do/prepare, the speakers, the course outline, etc as we are planning to conduct a Singles Retreat for Los Baños Chapter.

In view of this, may we know the important features of this retreat? Pwede po ba makahiram ng course outline kung meron? Or can you please assist us or share with us the what to do things, in the preparation for the said activity? We are more than willing to meet you po if necessary…

Your prompt reply is very much appreciated. God bless and more power!


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