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By Jeng G. Tiano

usa1As envisioned, the recently concluded Quad Event in California, USA, to celebrate the installation of West Covina Outreach into a full-fledged Chapter, the elevation of the Van Nuys Mission into an Outreach, the commemoration of the 7th Anniversary of the BCBP Los Angeles Chapter, and the 4th anniversary of BCBP USA was a resounding success. Held at the Cypress Community Center, Cypress, California last September 25, 2016, the whole day affair kicked off with a grand breakfast with Serge and Paching de la Fuente, BCBP National Managing Director and AMD Asia Pacific as guest sharers. Others in attendance were Joey and Lulu Avellana, BCBP National President, Jun and Mina Obra, Area Managing Director and Robert and LoidaMasiclat, International Mission Director in Asia.

The breakfast was followed by a brief praise and worship headed by Edito dela Cerna, RCD, USA. The morning culminated with the elevation of Van Nuys Mission to an Outreach with the appointment of Romulo Ordoyo with wife Babe Ordoyo as Outreach Head and the installation of West Covina into a Chapter with the appointment of Arnold Sancover with wife Bel Sancover as Chapter Head.

usa4The afternoon event started with a brief report regarding the BCBP global mission, mini-talks and Q & A. Holy Mass was held at the nearby St.Irenaeus Church. The event climaxed into a fun-filled showcasing of talents starting off with the children (Sophia & Karen Madamba, Mikaela, Lika, Jose, Gabriel Vasquez) of BCBP members with their excellent ukelele playing and song renditions that totally awed the house. The Quadrosonics (BCBP members from West Covina, Los Angeles, Van Nuys) followed with their version of “It’s a Wonderful World/I Will Follow Him”. There were raffle drawings and victory dancing.

But the surprise of the night was the comedic talents of the ManCom members who themselves were thrown into a tizzy when they were asked to come on stage for a NO GUTS, NO GLORY portion. Each one was asked to pick an envelope of jokes to be said and acted on. Boy! Did they hold the fort well and gave us all a good laugh. Overall, it was a cornucopia of fun, Spirit-filled fellowship and fruitful surprises with everyone contributing their best to make the occasion fulfilling and memorable.

usa2Big thanks go to all the Committee Heads who gave their all: Eric and Mariza Cordeta, Manny and Gemma Bantol, Arnold and Bel Sancover, Lib and Farina Madamba, Ricky and Eileen Archinas, Charles and Eve Estrada, Tom and Baby Lou Hamilton, Jess and Mayette Sundiam, Arc and Michelle Vasquez, Oliver and Rhea Saludo, Al Coscolluela, Gina Trinidad, Chris (official photographer) and Jake Mariano. Rusty Cabilin, Rommel Ordoyo and Teddy Fisico brought the house down with their jokes. Also, big thanks goes Elle Delavin, fund-raising think tank; Al Nabor and Rency Biagan, golf tournament spearheaders, Taboy Conopio who floor directed the event, and Buddy and Joan Madamba (breakfast usa3Co-Emcee) who unselfishly opened their office for all our meetings and rehearsals and to all the members who were ever ready to contribute their time, talent and treasure; prayed and stormed the heavens to make this occasion a success. Of course, it goes without saying, that we can do nothing apart from the Great Provider of All, our generous Lord and Savior.

Indeed, by the example given by all the leaders and members, BCBP USA has lived up to the event theme “Fruitful in Christ” which is best symbolized by a cornucopia, goat’s horn overflowing with fruits, blooms and grains.

usa7Truly, BCBP has a remarkable history in America. From one prayer group led by a few men and women who bonded together for their love for God, it grew into a mission that later became BCBP SoCal Outreach in 2003. That one little seed became a Chapter in 2009 which was renamed BCBP Los Angeles Chapter, the first ever outside of Philippine shores. Despite bumps on the road and daunting challenges, BCBP Los Angeles Chapter has spawned many missions that are slowly coming unto their own. To date, under the flagship of BCBP USA are chapters in San Francisco CA, West Covina CA, the Van Nuys CA Outreach, the missions in Sacramento CA, Las Vegas NV, Chicago IL, New York, NY, and New Jersey, NJ. More missions are in the works and truly more fishers of men are needed for the harvest is plenty in this part of the world.
usa6Like many events that have been organized in the past, the Quad Event also showcased the values all BCBP members hold dear: single-mindedness in purpose, calmness in the midst of chaos, confidence in the strength and capability of another, trust and faith in the Lord, and love of one to another.

For many of us who have witnessed the miracles of God’s work, we know His Holy Spirit continues to set each one of us on fire to spread His Gospel of Love, Mercy and Peace equipping each one to be fruitful in a turbulent world. It is our prayer that this whole day event set the tone of our zeal in celebrating more and more anniversaries and installations of U.S.-born BCBP chapters moving forward in Christ.

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