Jun and Neri Gula of BCBP Mactan, our first breakfast couple sharer 18 yrs ago, (Ormoc was then an outreach of Mactan) shared again in Ormoc Breakfast just in time for the chapter’s BCLP No. 18 opening day last July 21, 2012. The couple parted with words of wisdom from Jeremiah that blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, who in the year of draught bears no distress but bears fruit. As for them, the Lord never fails!
BCLP No.18 was held that same day at Ramona Banquet Hall at Pongos Hotel gathered 31 participants and still counting says CLP18 Director Arnel and Teena Magalso. This year’s BCLP is expected to end on September 22 which will be simultaneous with the graduation of BCLP No. 17’s associate members to full pledged members in the New Basic Formation Program.

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