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Barely a month after the conclusion of BCLP 22, the Free to Follow the Lord Retreat was soon undertaken by the batch last July. The holding of the retreat for the batch was done so that the two BCLP batches; 21 and 22 would be together in attending the Brotherhood Christian Marriage Retreat this coming August 29-31 . This retreat has two parts. In the first, the participants were made aware of obstacles to growth and of ways to overcome these obstacles. The second part of the retreat focuses on putting good order into the way the new members information manage their time and finances.

cebu1The purpose of the retreat is achieved, if the associate members not only become aware of the sources of difficulties to the Christian life and of ways to combat those, but also when they begin to put good order into their life, by providing leadership and management for their life, especially in the area of time and money, in other words, when they begin to live in a disciplined way according to a schedule and a budget. The participants were also prayed over for healing and deliverance from anything that  might hold them back from following the Lord.

The retreat was spearheaded by course leader William Cejas, ably supported by his wife Liza, and backed up by power-packed speakers;

Nelson Dauz – Overcoming Obstacles to Living as a Disciple of Christ
Gel Sanchez – Managing Our Time
Mar Tamidles – Managing Our Finances


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