The dignity of the human person, realized in community with others, is the criterion against which all aspects of economic life must be measured. The Bible along with the social teaching of the church gives us a deeper vision of God as regards the purpose of creation, the dignity of human life in society, and the Christian vision of economic life.

The focal points of Israel’s faith — creation, covenant, and community — provide a foundation for reflection on issues of economic and social justice. All Biblical Perspectives should lead to concrete action for Jesus Christ by and through men and women who are committed not only to grow in personal holiness, but who are also committed to actively serve the Lord in the world and in the Church.

This ppt presentation is based on material taken from the BCBP publication Evangelizing Presence: The Challenge of Social Transformation, authored by Pasquale T. Giordano, SJ, and Nancy Russell Catan (BCBP Manila). We recommend that it be given after the ppt presentation Overview of the Social Teaching of the Church. Please refer to the book (available at the BCBP National Office) for the background and additional information not contained in the ppt presentation. A discussion guide is given at the end of the slide presentation for use in small group discussions.


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